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Broren til hovedpersonen døde under mystiske omstendigheter. En skummel historie :p

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My life has not been the same since the day that my brother died. My brother’s name was Brian, he died when he was 11 years old. No one knows why or how he died, people in this town say he got kidnapped and killed. I don’t believe that version at all. My brother Brian was found in the old lake, 2 miles from were we lived. My family and I now live in Texas, it was too hard living in the old house after what happend. My name is Lois and I am 19 years old, it’s now been 2 years since my brother died. I had a small nervous breakdown after the tragic death of Brian and for about six months I had to leave home and stay in a place where the rigth people could help me through everything. I had to go see a psychologist and talk about how I felt, every day. Now I have decided that I have to find out what happend to Brian, how and why he dissapeard and ended up dead.


After I got back from the "madhouse" I decided to move out from the house, it was so empty there after Brian was gone. In my new place I started making a plan how I was going to find information about the lake were Brian was found and what had happend in the time before he died. I found out that there was a house nearby the lake. I went over there and I talked to the old man who lived there.The house was rather creepy and the old man looked a bit strange.I didn’t get any important information from the old man, so I had to begin too search for information somewhere else. I started in the library looking for any lead in the local history around the area nearby the lake After a while I found an interesting page about a married couple who had adopted a child and that child, a girl 10 years old was also found drowned in the same lake as my brother. I looked closer to the picture in the paper, it looked like the old mans house, the house where I was a few days ago. I began to think that it had to be the same man because the address was the same, and when I was in the house I remembered seeing a picture of a little girl, and she also looked like the girl on the picture in the paper. I had to go back there and talk to him again.


The morning after I was back at the old mans house by the lake, I went up the stairs and knocked on the door, no answer, I knocked again, suddenly the door opened, a little girl with an old fashioned dress was standing in front of me. I said hello and asked her if the old man was home, she said yes, but he is the garden behind the house, she said that she could take me to him.We went through the house, it was as creepy as I rememberd from last time, and there was a strange smell, like old milk and rotten eggs. We got outside, thank god, the smell in the house was terrible. The girl took me down to the lake where I could see the old man standing looking out over the water. When we got closer to him the little girl whispered something to me, excuse me I said, I did not hear you, she looked straigth at me and then I saw the desperation in her eyes, please help me she wispered. I didn`t understand anything. The old man turned around and smiled, you again he said. I told him that I had to talk to him about what happend to the little girl I had read about in the newspaper. The girl, I turned around looking for the strange litle girl who took me to the garden, but she was gone. That was odd, I didn`t hear her leave the garden.The old man said he could tell me the story about the drowning of the little girl, but he had to check the fishing net, I could join him. I said ok.


We got into the boat, I thougth I heard something, a voice saying no, no don`t do it, a childs voice or many childens voices. I turned, loking towards the garden, I could see the little girl, but there were more children standing beside. Who were they? I turned at the old man but he was busy rowing. After a while he stopped and looked at me, his eyes looked strange, will you help me with the fishing net he asked. Ok, I bended over the water, suddenly I felt a horrible feeling, I turned my head but then it happend, the old man pushed me into the water, into the fishing net, I couldn`t get out. And then when the old man looked at me with his cold black eyes I realised this was the man who took my brothers life. I had no time to loose, what was I suppose to do, I tryed to grabb the side of the boat but my hands and legs were stuck in the fishing net. My head went under the water, one time, two times, now my mouth was filled with water, I felt tired, I wanted to sleep. Suddenly I was looking into my brother`s face, oh Brian I finnaly found you, my dear brother, I have missed you soo much. I felt my body getting out of the fishing net and I reach my arms towards my brother. My head got over the water again and the old man and the boat was gone. I wanted to slide under the water, to Brian, I looked up in the sky, I heard something, a whispering voice saying no, no don`t give up, don`t give up. It was the little girls voice.


I came to myself, hanging over an old wood, almost safe. I crawled out of the water. I went straigth to the police station, would they belive my story or not..........

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