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Handler om en jente som blir trakkasert pga. sin religion. En stil jeg skrev til engelsktentamen, julen 2006.

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“Spit!” He yelled aggressive at the little girl while he looked down at a black book. It was covered but you could still see the beautifully engraved gold inscription. She slowly looked away from him and tried to find a way to escape, far away from him. “Spit!” he yelled again. The girl stood still and refused to say a word. “Just do it and everything will be like before” he said, he had a trusting tone in his voice this time.


She lifted her innocent eyes upon him, they where filled with shame. She picked up the book and began to dry away the spit with the sleeve of her jacket. “Never will I disobey my god, not even for you big brother.” She screamed, not with a single touch of fear in her voice. Her brother started to take small steps backwards as he looked away from his little sister. The respect in his eyes was now completely visible. He could not hide it anymore. He was afraid of her.


His little sister turned away and held the black book in her little light brown fists tight into her chest like it was a precious treasure. Nobody could ever take it away from her. You could now see that she was like a rock, she could not be moved.


Her big brother had come to his senses again and the hatred once again filled his eyes. He lifted his hand against his little sister ready to harm her. Her black, thin hair formed around his massive fingertips and she screamed to the top of her lungs. He pulled of all his strength and down his cheek a little pearl of water tried to find its way down his skin. Once he let go of her hair she fell down on her knees, still holding the little black book tight into her heart.


Her hair was covering her face up, but you could still hear her little mouth gasping for air. There she sat all alone when a ring started to form around her and her big brother. “Spit!” He said once again, but his sister refused to listen to him. She raised her face and looked up on the flawless sky. “Oh, God. Please forgive my brother.” She whispered to herself, almost as she was the only one hearing it.


She sat like that a while, praying to herself and hoping that her god would come and save her. Her brother looked at her and his whole body began to shake. At that time his body had reached a point where he couldn’t handle this situation anymore. He raised his hand and slammed it against his little sisters cheek.


She lied flat out on the ground. She where barely moving and blood ran down from the corner of her mouth. Her brother leaned over his sister and watched her as she held her little black book tight to her chest.


“This is your last chance, I tell you. Spit!” He screamed at his sister with tears flowing out of his eyes. “God told me that he will forgive you, big brother. Don’t worry.” She whispered comforting to her brother.


He walked against a little house that lied a few meters from where he stood and opened the door. A few minutes later he came back with something that he was hiding behind his back. He lifted his hand and uncovered what was in it. A small bullet hit his sister in her heart and blood started to flow out from her wound. “Big brother, I can see an angel.” She whispered softly. 

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