Why the American Film Industry is So Popular

En tekst om hvofor den amerikanske filmindustrien er så populær.
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American Film Industry is really popular in America and the rest of the world. I can figure out many reasons why, but I believe three of the main reasons are good stories, money enough to make incredible scenes and the fact that they know what the audience wants.


Movies like «American Pie» & «Road Trip» have become big hits, also outside of America. This is what I would like to call a typical Hollywood teen movie. The movies are about a group of young teenagers who have some kind of a mission. «Road Trip» is about four friends who take off on an 1800 mile road trip to retrieve an illicit tape mistakenly mailed to a girlfriend. Hysterical accidents and happenings along the way make the movie a perfect teen movie where you can compare yourself with the actors/actresses in many ways.

The movies are often about things that you never in a million light years could believe could happen outside the screen, like in «American Pie – Naked Mile» when Eric gets a guilt-free pass from his virgin-girlfriend. This means he can do whatever he wants without consequences and he meet this gorgeous girl who he fouls around with. We all feel kind of busted by this episode; after all we from time to time have wanted another guy/girl then our boyfriend/girlfriend.

It’s not a big secret that American film industry is full of money. They get more to make the movie and earn more to do the movie. And because of that they can hire better people to do every work inside a movie. For example a famous actress/actor earns as much as a normal American citizen during his/her whole life, in ONE movie.
If the script sucks, the producer can nearly buy a good movie by hiring famous actor/actresses and make incredible scenes by hiring professional stuntmen to do the stunts instead of the actor/actresses their self. If they want to blow up a bus in a scene, they can do that. If it doesn’t look perfect on the first take, they can do it again to they are satisfied with the result.


Another reason I think is important is that they know what the audience wants from a movie, and they have done great research to figure it out. They make movies to a special audience and not to the whole wide age respective. But even if the movies aren’t made for everybody, they attract people from every age group and make them fall in love with each and every movie.


Personally, I think the reason to USA’s big success in the movie industry is hard-working people and brilliant stories. Stories that make you react in a particular way, and make you think, laugh and cry. They make movies to make you come up with a reaction and to give you the ultimate movie experience. Something I think they manage quite well.

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