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Amazingly Inspired

Historien om James Osbourne som bokset for frihet.

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This is a usual story about a boy. His name was James Osbourne, 16 years old and living with his poor family in New York.

Anyway , a typical morning for the Osbourne's; He woke up, brushed his teeth and was about to walk out the door for school, but then his father said: " Hey Jamie, would you like too see a movie after school? "O.k dad, but I've got to go now, I'm late." He left. All the usual things happened at school.


After school, he packed his bag and walked his normal way home. On his way home he saw a guy slaping and punching a little boy, asking him for his money. He thought "Man, this is what the politicians call freedom?". He ran over to help the boy, the bad guy punch James in the face, made him bleed, and ran away. Jamie helped the boy and walked home. When he came home his dad was ready, in the sofa , with the movie on pause. "Hey, Jamie, what about that movie?" "Ok, what movie is it?" "Rocky".

They watched Rocky 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5. James was amazingly inspired about the boxing in that movie, so he asked his dad: "Huh, what about a shot at boxing dad?" "Why would you want to start boxing son? What would you fight for?" Jamie thought about it for a while and told him: "Freedom dad , freedom."

He started fighting at a boxing club called Black 'n white. He trained for about a year, dropped school. He was willing to risk everything for freedom, getting at the top, maybe recieving some attention. One day, he came to the club and his trainer said "Yo Jamie, I have some good news for you!" James looked suprised. "Yeah, tell me more." "You got a phone call from Muhammad Ali's secretary." WHAT?!". "Yeah, I think you should call him". He called Muhammad Ali and asked him if he wanted something imported, he was acting cool. Ali told him that he was interested in fighting him, giving him a shot a the title, the world's heavyweight champion title. He said " Well of course, I've always been dreaming about smething like this." Ali: "Well then, the fight's set, next saturday at 1 o'clock."


James was nervous already, he went to talk to his trainer. "WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY? THE GUY IS GOING TO KILL YOU!" James said: "Hey , take it easy coach, I was going to ask you if you would be my manager." "Your manager huh? Well we have got to speed up this training of yours then". James: "Yes, whatever you say boss."

He started training every day 12 hours a day. Hard training, fast training. He never gave up, he would die for the people who got abused by the bad guys, he wanted freedom.

Anyway, saturday came fast, it was now 12 o'clock saturday morning, and he was a "wreck", more nervous then ever. He came to the stadium, shaking. His coach punched him and said "Stop shaking, you idiot!" "Ok , ok coach." "Now go out there and fight good!"

*Ding* There it is, the sound of the bell ringing. The fight had now started. It was a great fight, James was fighting like never before. Ali was having some bad trouble out there, James face-expression was very secure and selfconcious. He hit , hit and hit. *Boom!* There comes an upercut from James, Ali is down.

Crowd: "1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5, 6 , 7" Ali is moving ... No he falls again "9 , 10".

"JAMES IS NOW THE NEW HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!" "Do you have any comment James?" "Yes, I just want to say one thing: Dad, I did it!" His dad was home, watching the match on TV, crying in happiness. James was now a rich man, he earned 50,000 000 dollars winning that match, he gave 10 million to his dad and the rest of his family.

The press interviewed him next day, asking him questions about his life. "Why did you start fighting, James?" "That is a very long story, but I started fighting for freedom, and I want the whole world to see this: Guys, if you want to fight, start boxing, don't abuse other people, that will not make you cool under any circumstances." The interview was done, James felt really happy about himself, he felt that he had accomplished his wish and that made him feel really great.

He wanted to fight one more fight just for fun, so he challenged this guy they called El Matador, he wanted to fight tomorow. El Matador accepted the fight.

James won this fight, but with luck, because he got some serious punches on the side of his head. He got Brain dammage, and that just kept on hurting more and more, worse and worse. He got brain cancer and died 3 months after his last fight.

The family buried him, this is what they wrote on his stone :
Here rests James Osbourne - The Fighter of liberty -
Rest like you wanted the whole world to be , in peace.

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