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A clock smith, cotton candy spiders and a fudge fairy

Oppgaven var å skrive en historie til et bilde (The Persistence of Memory, av Salvador Dali).

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I yawned and opened my eyes and the first thought that came to my mind was "Where the hell am I?"


"Time to wake up, human!" Something poked my left arm with a sharp thing. I turned my head and stared into the green eyes of a little blue, fat, bird. It had a terrible squeaky voice and said "Good, follow me, your not supposed to be here." I looked around, "here" was a beautiful forest, filled with flowers and animals and creatures I had never seen before. The trees above me were in every colour of the rainbow. Some blue, some pink and some purple.


The little fat bird jumped up and down screaming "Come on, come on, we don't have all day!" apparently, he could not fly. I followed him for a long while and thought that I was really stupid who actually followed a fat little bird who could not even fly!


Suddenly we were standing at the end of a desert and the bird said "Well, Human, It's time to go. This is your way, good luck." and jumped back into the forest. "Good luck, my ass!" I shouted back into the forest and started walking out in the sand. 


After walking for, well, I don't know, a really long time I saw something on the ground. It was a clock and it was nine thirty. But then, suddenly, all the numbers stared to melt into each other and you could no longer see what time it was. Then the whole clock started to melt and became really runny and run over my hand like water. I was scared now. What kind of place was this?


Still thinking about the melted clock I started walking again and soon I came to an old shop. It was an old clock shop. The sign on the door said "open" so I went through the door. Inside there were clocks everywhere. Big clocks, small clocks, digital clocks, normal clocks and rally weird clocks with up to thirteen hands. I heard someone cry, so I followed the sound. I came into a backroom filled with almost finished clocks. In an old chair sat an old man with his head in his hands and cried.


"Sir, are you okey?" I asked carefully. He looked at me, he must have been about 70 years old and was normally dressed. He had short grey hair and an impressive beard that should make Santa Claus jealous. But it was not the beard who surprised me, it was his eyes. They where small blue clocks! "Do I look okey?" he asked and the hands on the clocks in his eyes started spinning fast. "No, Sir, you don’t. But what's the matter?" I asked again, taking a step back because his eyes scared me. 


"You see, after my clocks started melting, no one will buy them anymore" he cried.

I found another chair and sat down next to him. "Why does you clocks melt Mr.. uhm, what's you name?"

"Mr. Watch. And they are melting because that evil frog-prince cursed me and my shop. You see, I gave him this beautiful golden clock once, as a gift, but three days later, he came back and the clock was broken. He said that he did not have anything to do with the breaking of the clock; he said that it had just happened. I answered him and told him that my clocks don't "just break", they can take anything! So, he got really mad, after all, he is a prince, and princes aren't exactly known for dealing well with people who don't say that they are right all the time. So, he got angry and cursed me and my shop. Only the Fudge Fairy can help me now." He started crying again. 


"Who's the Fudge Fairy?" I asked. "And why don't you go find her, so she can help you?"

He looked up and his eyes were spinning again. "And who's gonna watch the shop?" He looked angry at me. "You don't know anything about clocks, do you?" As he said that, I got an idea. "Mr. Watch, do you want me to find the Fudge Fairy for you?" For the first time, he smiled at me. "Would you rally do that for me?" I nodded and smiled. "Well then go on, got get that fairy! She lives in the Chocolate forest." I stood up and looked at him. "Which way is the Chocolate Forest?" "Just turn to the right when you get out and you will soon see it." The old clock smith smiled with tears in his clock-eyes and smiled. I smiled back, and left the shop.


I hated this desert. And I was really, really thirsty! There were pink and green bunnies everywhere in this desert, and I thought that this was a really strange place. Soon, I understood why the bunnies where here in the middle of the desert. There was a huge bunny statue in the middle of hundreds of bunnies. It came water from the ears, and chocolate eggs from the tail. All the little pink bunnies drank the water and ate the eggs.


I walked over to the statue, and drank a little of the water. All the bunnies stopped doing whatever they were doing, and looked at me. I smiled carefully at them, told them "you guys really looks like teddy bear bunnies!" and walked away. Fast.


After another few hours of walking (probably just half an hour, but it felt like three!), I saw something that looked like a forest. "Thank -Something-! Finally!" Was the only thought in my mind, when I felt grass under my feet. I was so tired of sand! The trees looked like they where made of chocolate, and the leafs looked like mint-green chocolate. "If this is chocolate, it means I can eat it!" I took a leaf and tasted it. It was delicious mint-chocolate! On the ground I saw a little red flower, I tasted that to. Ah, great strawberry-chocolate! 


I started walking again, slowly into the forest, and came to a group of signs that said: "To the Caramel Fairy", "To the Fudge Fairy" and "To the Ginger house Witch". I smiled a bit, thinking about a fairytale someone told me when I was little, and followed the sign that said "To the Fudge Fairy". It lead me into a dark part of the forest. All the trees became covered in dark chocolate and the flowers where black as liquorice.


There was a house in front of me, made out of fudge. Chocolate fudge, of course. I knocked on the door, and my fingers got sticky from the fudge. "I'm coming!" a voice like that could not belong to a fudge fairy? The door opened and a girl with long black hair, way too much make-up and the clothes of a dead punk-rocker starred at me "And what the hell do you want?" I took a deep breath and said "I'm here to see the Fudge Fairy, is she here?" She smiled and said "You're talking to her!" I must have looked like an idiot. "What the..." She started laughing. "Ha-ha, you should have seen your face! I'm just kidding; the Fudge Fairy is my grandmother, I'm just here to learn how to make peanut butter-fudge for a classmate who LOVES peanut butter. It's his birthday soon, so I thought that would be a good present. Come on in!"


Collecting myself from the shock, I could not say anything, so I just got in. The house was filled with baskets full of different fudge. Out of a door came the nicest looking little lady I had ever seen. She was dressed in a blue dress and had the biggest smile on her face.

"Hello Dear, what can I do for you?" She smiled at me and gave me a tower of fudge. I tasted the fudge, and it was the best I've ever tasted.


 “I’m here for the clock smith. He needs your help for making an evil curse go away.” “Well dear, the best way to make a course go away is to make a curse a painting. She run into the kitchen again and came out with a large orange and purple painting brush. “Use this while you paint and every thing will be back to normal.” She gave me the biggest Colgate-smile I’ve ever seen and looked at me in the way people look at you when they want you to say “Thank you” for something. So, I said “Thank you” and left the little house.


On my way back through the chocolate forest I stopped at huge bush that looked like it had been made out of cotton candy. I tried to taste it, but just before my hand reached the bush, a big spider jumped on to my hand and shouted. “No one touches the cotton candy made by the cotton candy spiders! Hundreds and thousands of spiders landed on me. I screamed and one of them filled my mouth with cotton candy to make me shut up. The one in my hand said “Say you’re sorry or else, we will kill you!” I, of course, screamed “I’M SORRY!” And suddenly all the spiders were gone, and so were the bush of cotton candy.


I started running, this was too much. I ran out of the chocolate forest, I passed the pink and green rabbits and did not stop until I was back at the clock shop. The clock smith was standing outside waiting for me. “Hey you! So, where is the fairy?” I could barely speak, but I was able to tell him that I had a painting brush that he had to paint the curse with. He looked at me. “That’s it? I just have to paint the curse? That’s all?” “Yeah, that’s it.” I smiled at him, and he smiled back and scratched his beard. He found some old paint and started painting at the wall of the shop. I asked him why he painted the wall, and not an piece of paper. “Because, when I first gotta paint, why not do it so people can see it?” I agreed. He painted melted clocks in a desert. It actually became a really nice painting. He smiled at me and said “I’ve been thinking about something, do you want to learn how to make clocks? I’ve been looking for someone who can take over the shop.” I looked surprised at him and said “Only if you want to teach me,”

He smiled and said “Of course, my friend. Let’s start right away!”

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