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Du er her: Skole > "The Killers" by Ernest Hemingway

"The Killers" by Ernest Hemingway

Analyse av Hemingways "The Killers". Trolig mange skrivefeil siden det ikke har blitt kjørt gjennom rettskrivingsprogram, men det burde være lett å gjøre selv.

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Ernest Hemingway is known as one of the greatest American writers of the twentieth century. He expressed on his writing courage and compassion in a world of violence and death. His combination of fiction and heroic code behavior defined him as one of the great writers of our time. Considered a master of the understood prose style, which became his trademark. His narrow range of characters and his thematic focus on violence and “machismo”, have led some critics to regard his fiction world as shallow and insensitive, “The Killers” is not an exception.


The plot is set in Henry's lunchroom in Summit, Illinois, right outside of Chicago during a 1920's winter. The two hit men, Al and Max, want to order the evening meal, but they are too early and cannot get the dinners with an entree, vegetable, and mashed potatoes. They can only be served sandwiches or breakfast items. They make fun of the place and voice the opinion that the only thing to do in Summit is to come to the lunch-room for supper at six o'clock. Finishing his meal, Al orders Nick and Sam, the Black cook, to the kitchen, where he ties them up. Meanwhile, Max boasts to George that he and Al have been hired to kill Ole Andreson, an aging boxer, who, they’ve heard, eats dinner there every night.When the boxer fails to show up in the diner, Al and Max leave, and George hurries to untie Nick and Sam. He then suggests that Nick warn Andreson, who lives in a nearby boarding house. When the boxer hears about Al and Max’s plan to kill him, he’s unconcerned; he’s tired, he says, of running. Nick leaves and returns to the diner, where he tells George and Sam that he’s leaving Summit because he can’t bear to think about a man waiting, passively, to be killed by a couple of hired killers. 

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