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Rome and Juliet

Svar på oppgaver vi fikk om filmen "Romeo and Juliet".

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a) Romeo.

As long as people have lived in Verona, fighting has been going on between the Montague family and the Capulet family. Romeo is the only son of the head in the Montague family, but he rather likes to walk along the beach than fighting.


One day he falls in love with a beautiful girl he meets in a party, arranged by the Capulets. This is really love at first sight. Blinded by love he starts doing things I’m sure he wouldn’t done otherwise. The problem with their love, which also is the issue of the story, is that Romeo is a Montague and Juliet a Capulet. Is it possible that their love can make peace between the Capulets and the Montagues?


b) Juliet

Juliet is a fourteen years old girl. She lives together with her mother and her father in a very big and famous house. They often arrange parties, and it is on one of these parties she is going to meet Paris, her future husband. But then something unplanned happens, she meets Romeo.


Romeo makes a lot of problems for her. And her relation to her parents becomes problematic.


After all, I think Juliet is a person who doesn’t think at the consequences of what she is doing. She is like a child.


c) Juliet’s nurse


Juliet’s nurse is a Spanish or French woman, I’m not quite sure, who “looks after” Juliet.

In the beginning I thought the nurse took Juliet’s mother’s side. But after a while I understood she just wanted Juliet to be happy. She helped her with almost everything and she assisted Juliet in her secret betrothal to Romeo. I think the nurse was like a second mother for Juliet. A person she could get comfort and advices from.


d) The Capulet’s boys

You shouldn’t mess with these guys!


The Capulet’s boys are driving around in the city, looking for some “fun,” or a Montague or two. The leader, Juilet’s cousin Tybalt, an angry and pugnacious person. His hair is black, and his eyes are shining like flames. You can see at the first sight that he is evil. All of the Capulet’s boys are hiding a gun inside their jacket, and they are not afraid of using it.


2. Summary.

The movie about the two young people, Romeo and Juliet, who falls in deep love, was not as I had expected it to be. I got really disappointed because this was a modern version of the story.


It all started by some news which reported about the conflicts between the Capulets and the Montagues.


It doesn’t seem that any member of these two families can get friends until Juliet’s father invites all his friends to a big party, which of course is not for Capulets.


By help from his friend, Romeo gets a “ticket” to the party. Romeos reason to go to the Montague’s party is that Rosaline is invited, and as I remember it, Romeo was in love with her. But at the same moment he goes in to the party, his attention is stolen by Mr. Montague’s daughter Juliet. They fall in love immediately, without knowing each others background.


Later, the same evening, Juliet takes a walk in the garden to tell the stars about her forbidden love to Romeo. What she doesn’t see, is Romeo, who has climbed into the Montague’s garden. Suddenly he is standing in front of her, and that night they decide to get married in secret.


The priest is first negative to their marriage, but after I while he changes his mine. Maybe their marriage can make peace between the two families?


Even though Roemo and Juliet’s marriage is “celebrated” in secret, they have made it beautiful and simple.

Just some few hours after their wedding Romeo kills Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, because he has killed one of Romeos best friends earlier the same day. Romeo has to leave the country and his love Juliet.


And now it all gets really complicated. Juliet’s happiness of being married is blown away by her father, immeditately after the ceremony. Her father wants her to marry a man named Paris, and after a while she has to agree.


In despair Juliet seeks the man who married her and Romeo, and he gives her a potion which will wake her up twenty four hours later. Juliet writes a letter to Romoe to tell him she is not dead, and then she drinks the potion.

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