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Du er her: Skole > Death penalty, right or wrong?

Death penalty, right or wrong?

En artikkel om dødstraff som drøfter om det er rett eller galt. Enkelte skrivefeil.

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38 states in USA addition to the federal government have death penalty, but do we have use for it? USA is also the only western country that has death penalty. They are nr 4 in a list of countries that executed most people in 2004. Only China, Iran and Vietnam have executed more than the USA.


The most common reason  to get death penalty are forced rape, wilful murder, murder robbery, blasphemy, treason against the country. The most used execution method is the lethal injections, except in Nebraska; there it is only allowed to use the electric chair.   


Against death penalty or for death penalty? This question is one of the many discussed question in the world. It is a hard question, and there is none clear answered? It is based on peoples opinion and right and wrong question?


Most Americans is for death penalty because they will see the criminal die but, isn’t more painful to serve time for lifetime in a jail and really think it over what you have done. When you for example murder someone, you do not hurt just the person that you murder, but you also hurt the people that are close to the person. And if we as a country, government or the court let you die without saying you are sorry about it, or think what you have done, then there is not a penalty or a punishment, it is a short cut for you. What’s the point of death penalty then?


But if the criminals escaped and got away with it, isn’t better to put an end to it and make sure that the criminal doesn’t do it again? This is also many people concerns but, do the really want a human life, not a monster or an animal, but a human life on there conscience? The Old Testament said” an eye for an eye”, but in the New Testament Jesus spoke about forgiveness. This is the foundation of the arguments for or against death penalty. When the state gives the death penalty for a high- rated crime, then they sink to the same level as the person who committed the crime. But there does exist humans who deserve death penalty, like the dictators in the history who killed thousands and thousand of humans for a specific reason.


Did you know that 40% of the people in death row are black? There is higher percent chance that a black person gets death penalty for killing a white person than a white person killing a white person. Famous persons like J. F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King jr fought for equal rights for afro-Americans and white Americans, and if this doesn’t stop then did J. F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King died for nothing.


I am against death penalty because taking a life away would always be wrong. I would much more want that the people who committed a crime that is so wrong that they would normally get death penalty, gets lifetime in jail instead. To think about what they have done and maybe ask for forgiveness, and may they get forgiveness because a human is a human and always will be a human. This is my request and hope for the future; that death penalty will be dissolved and replaced with life time.


“Veritas vos Liberabit”

(The truth will set you free)

- A quotation from the movie Dead Man Walking.

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