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The case of the stolen diamond.

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It was an early Saturday morning, in the small town, Thetford in England. The clock had just passed 12:00 PM, and detective James Morrison was eating breakfast, while he read the newspaper. The whole front-page on the paper was covered with two big headlines. They said: "False fire call on Plaza hotel at 02:00 AM" and "Diamond worth over £ 125 000 stolen tonight".


James thought to himself, that this day, he wasn’t gonna do anything. He had worked all the week trying to finally catch Jim Johnson, otherwise known as "Jim the Escaper". But even if Jim had been suspected in over 15 cases, just the last year, nobody had managed to find damning evidence on him. James putted a slice of white loaf in his toaster, and was just about to read about the stolen diamond, when the phone suddenly rang. James lifted the telephone receiver, and said: "Hello!" It was lieutenant Cooper. He said: "James; can you help us to solve the case of the stolen diamond?" James was just about to let Cooper down, and say: "No!", when Cooper said that Jim was suspected in the case. James wanted so badly to put Jim in prison, that he sacrificed his day of, and told Cooper that he would be at the police station within ten minutes.


Half past twelve, James was standing in lieutenant Coopers office. Cooper gave James the basic details of the case, and wished him all the best in his investigations. Cooper had told James that Jim at the moment was staying at Plaza hotel, a fair-sized hotel in the best part of the town, so James entered his car, and drove to the hotel. When he got there, the receptionist told him that Jim was staying at room no 62. James entered the elevator, and pushed the button with a big red four on it.


Thirty seconds later, James stood outside room no 62. He took a deep breath, and knocked on the door. He waited for a few seconds, but there was no response. He knocked on the door again, a little bit harder this time, but again, nothing happened. He leaned his ear against the door and listened very carefully. He could hear a faint relating sound. Jim was snoring. The clock had just passed one, and Jim was still sleeping! James thought it was really strange, because Jim was known to be an early riser. He thought to himself that something strange was going on, and knocked on the door one more time. This time, James knocked so hard, that Jim had to wake up. James heard some noises in the room, and a couple of minutes later, Jim was standing in front of James. James asked Jim if it would be alright if he came in, and Jim replied that he just had to shave and brush his teeth first, and told James to wait outside for a while.


A few minutes later, Jim told James that he could enter the room. James walked slowly into the room, and sat down in an armchair. After studying a Monet-painting for about half a minute, he finally started interrogate Jim. “Why are you staying at this hotel?”, James asked Jim. “I’m on a vacation,” Jim answered. “Have you heard about the larceny tonight?” Jim shaked his head, and peeped at the painting. James could see that he was lying, but he had to get evidence on that he had stolen the diamond. So James continued his examination of Jim. “What were you doing tonight?” “I was sleeping off course” Jim responded, “What do you think I’m doing in the nights?” “Where?”, James proceeded. “Where do you think?” Jim answered grumpy. James made a blind guess and said: “At your hotelroom?” “Correct!” Jim exclaimed. “Did you noticed anything unusual here tonight?” James asked. “Nope!” Jim said. James slowly turned against Jim and said the four words he had longed for to say to Jim for a long time: “You are under arrest!”


How could James know that Jim had stolen the diamond?

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