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"Keep Laughing" by Cynthia Grant

A book review of "Keep Laughing" by Cynthia Grant.

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Cynthia Grant is an author how is a bit unknown. She wrote a book in 1991, the book was called Keep laughing and that is the book that I chose to read. The style of the book is a novel. And the publisher is Harper Collins Publishers.


Most of the book is in Santa Rosa. Many of the people ho lives there are poor, and it’s hard to get a real job there. There are two groups at the school. It’s the rich ones and the poor ones.


The main character is called Shepherd Youngman, but many of his friend’s calls him Shep.  Shep is fifteen years old. He is a very good-looking kid with long brown hair. He is very good at school. Shep is a very nice boy, he don’t do things he’s not suppose to do. He is always polite, and caringly to people around him.


One of the minor characters is Joey, who is Sheps dad. He has bin gone for many years and he has not been a good father for Shep.  Joey cares just for himself, everything is about him, he thinks that other people don’t have feelings, and he tries to buy the love from his son.


One other of the minor characters is Sheps mom. She traits her son as a baby, and she refuses to understand that her son is growing up. Shep is a fifteen years old. He has lived whit his mother all his life. He has only met his father a copal of times. The only place Shep can see his father is on a TV show. His dad is a popular comedian. Sheps whole life changes when Joey one day comes on a visit. He asked Shep to go with him on his class reunion. And Shep can’t say anything but yes.


Shep and Joey dos a lot of things together and Joey starts to give Shep lavish gifts. Shep is very angry on his dad because he was not there when he was a kid. But he starts to get big feelings for Joey. And when Joey asks him to live whit him, Shep don’t now what to say. But Shep don’t know if it’s gone work out. The entire question in his head was, can this work out? Can Shep totally forgive his father? And what will his mother say?


I think it’s a very good book. It’s easy to read and it’s not that long. The book really opens up to you. You get to see how Shep think about stuff. And how he finds solution, to the problems. You learn that you need good friends to hold you up, when you are down. And that you always should have somebody to talk to.

I will recommend this book to anybody who wants to read a good book.

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