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Matilda - by Roal Dahl

Matilda - by Roal Dahl.

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Every children are fantastic. But with Matilda there where something extra. She was born in the Wormwood family. They didn’t take much care of her. They left her alone in the house every morning, so she had to take care of her self. She learned herself to read very early, so when she had read all the magazines in the house she went to the public library. When she had read all the childrenbooks she started on the grownupbooks. She learned herself mathematics and other difficult things.


When she was older her father sold a principal a car and made an agreement so that Matilda could go to school. She was very happy. The first day at school she surprized the teacher miss Honey with her knowledge in mathematics and english literature. She knew the names of all the great english poeths and writers. She also knew how to multiply. Miss Honey recomended to the headmistress miss Trunchbull that Matilda ought to be sent to a higher class. But miss Trunchbull refused. Miss Honey couldn’t see that Matilda did nothing while the other children learned the ABC. She borrowed books from higher classes with algebra and things like that in which Matilda could study in classes. The whole school was called to the gymnasium. Mr. Bogtrotter was called to the stage. The headmistress accused Bogtrotter of stealing of her personal cake. It was true, so miss. Trunchbull threat Bogtrotter to eat the rest of the cake. He did it and the whole school applauded.


The next day Lavender Matildas friend caught a salamander. She had to bring a pitcher to the classroom for miss.Trunchbull and put the salamander the pitch. Miss. Trunchbull terrorized the class and when she should drink water she saw the salamander and thought it was an alligator. She accused Matilda for putting it there. When miss. Trunchbull sat at the teachers desk Matilda looked at the glass with the salamander. An amazing thing happened. Matilda made the glass fell and the salamander jumped on miss. Tunchbull and she ran out of the room. Miss Honey let the class go early that day. Matilda needed someone to discuss what just had happened. Someone grownup. So she sat at her desk to the other children left the classroom. She went to miss Honey and told her that it was she who tipped the glas over. Miss Honey told her to do it again and she did it. Miss Honey and Matilda went to miss Honey’s cottage. The cottage was so small that Matilda couldn’t believe that her nice teacher lived there. Inside there were no furniture. And they drank tea on some boxes. Miss Honey told Matilda that miss Trunchbull’s firstname was Agahta and that she was her aunt. Magnus miss Honey’s father had left all his belongings and properties to miss Trunchbull as a thanks for taking care of Jenny according to her. Miss Trunchbull said that Jenny owed her a lot of money for all the food she had get trough the years. Therefore miss Honey moved away.


After that Matilda went home and looked herself in her room and began practice. She kept on for six more days. When the Thursday came she was well prepared. Miss Trunchbull kept on terrorize the class. Suddenly the chalk began moving and wrote a message to miss Trunchbull that she had to give back the house to Jenny, signed Magnus. Miss Trunchbull was frightned and ran out of the classroom after a while the real will from Magnus was mysterious found. Jenny could move back to her house. Matilda’s father was wanted of the police. He used stolen carparts and had to run away. Matilda didn’t want that so she was allowed to stay with Jenny. Matilda was placed in a higher form and her powers was weaked and Matilda didn’t care because now she could live the life she always had dreamed of.

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