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My saving angel

Handler om død og kjærlighet.

Skrevet i 10. klasse.

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You know I’m not superstitious, but I’ve never been able to find an explanation to something strange that happened to me back in 1943, when I was a young man.


I had a girlfriend named Sarah. We were very happy together. That was when the war had started four years ago and the streets where no longer safe. But we stuck together through thick and thin, until one summer day in 1943.


I woke up in my bed, the sun was in my eyes. I remember thinking that this would be a good day. Sarah was lying next to me, she had never looked more beautiful than she did that day. Her long curly hair was lying perfectly on the pillow. I looked at her with the biggest smile on my face, and then thought to myself “wow, I can’t believe she’s mine!” I still regret that I never told her how I felt.

Since there hadn't been fired any gunshots for many days, we assumed that it would be safe to go out for a walk, on this beautiful Sunday morning.


The sun was shining and the warm summer breeze blew silently in the trees. We where laughing and smiling, the day just couldn’t get any better. We went down to the river because Sarah wanted to dip her feet into the cool water. I sat down in the grass as I turned my face against the sun.


All I could hear where the water from the river. I opened my eyes and looked at Sarah, who spotted me at the same time. It felt like something was wrong. Then I heard a gunshot. The happiest day of my life turned out to be the worst. I remember just sitting there, in my own world. All of our memories where flashing in small glints inside my head. A part of me died that day, along with my dear Sarah.


About one year later, I got really sick. No one could figure out what was wrong with me. I was in much pain. It felt like my head was going to explode, and I could barely move. This went on for weeks and weeks, it only got worse.


At one point I thought to myself “I can’t stand this pain anymore. There is no way I'll survive this.”

Suddenly, I was blinded by a white light that filled the entire room. Just like that Sunday morning when the sun was in my eyes. I could see Sarah standing in front of me, smiling as always. I’m still not sure if it was a dream or hallucination, but it just felt so real. She truly looked like an angel.


She looked at me with her brown friendly eyes, and said “Don’t give up,” as she leaned against me and kissed me. All of a sudden, I felt a lot better. The pain was gone, my arms and legs could finally move again. I started gasping for air. Finally the words came out of my mouth “I’m sorry that I never got to tell you that I love you…But I do...I mean, I did! No, I still do! But…But it’s to late now.” I whispered.

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