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The janitor

En kort og "koselig" spøkelseshistorie på engelsk, som jeg skrev for to år siden i 8. klasse.

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Once there was this girl. Her name was Marilyn, but everybody called her Morphy. When she was twelve her family moved from Florø to Vassenden near Førde. She made some friends the first day at school. They told her that the janitor once got a nail stabbed in his throat and died. They also told her that he was now a ghost at the shcool at night.


Morphy didn't really believe it. But, there was always a thought that kept telling her that it might be true. Curious as she was, she went back to school after dark. A door was open, but there was no one to see.


Morphy walked in, and looked around. The hall was all dark and she could hear funny noises everywhere. She walked down the hall towards a door. On the door there was a sign that said ”KEEP OUT”! But, when you write something on a door, everyone will do the opposite of it. Walking in, she caught a glimt of a shadow crossing the room. In the moonlight she could see a bloody face looking at her, like a lion do before it kills its prey. Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight?? It appears quite black!


The shadow with the white face came towards her. It was the Janitor!! His eyes were full of sorrow and revenge. Morphy tried to move, but her feet just didn’t want to move her. The janitor put his cold hands around her neck, and everything went black!


She disappeared, but no one missed her. It was like she never really existed. Like there never was a girl named Marilyn. But if no one missed her, how do I know the story???? Do you really want to know?? Then get to know my secrets and I’ll tell YOU!!!

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