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A childhood memory: My sleeping bag

Vi fikk i oppgave å skrive om et barndomsminne.

Skrevet i 8. eller 9. klasse.

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When I was around three years old I got my first sleeping bag. (I still use it.) I got it because we were going for a travel in Lofoten. I was so proud of my own sleeping bag. Outside it was violet, and inside it was green. I had a lot of fun with it, and now I could start to sleep by my friends. The first person I slept by was my very good friend Marianne, she had also got one, and we had very much fun with our sleeping bags. We made one game that we played many times: When we woke up in the morning we wanted to watch TV, but our sleeping bags was so warm and lovely, and it would be cold to get out of it. So we started to crawl down to the living room where the TV stood. We were just like small worms, and it was very fun. Yes it was so fun that we forgot the TV and played worms the rest of the morning.


I have so many good memories from my sleeping bag, bud one is frighten. And I’ll going to tell you about it now. It was a dark autumn evening in November. I had just went to bed and laid there in my sleeping bag looking at some pictures in a book. I got thirsty and called for my mum: “Mum, I’m thirsty”. After some minutes I heard her footsteps in the stairs. “Hear is your water, but you have to sleep now, it’s late.” “Yes I just have to finish this book”, I said.


Just when mum had left the room I saw that my teddy was gone. Where was it? I looked in my whole room, but I couldn’t find it. Maybe mum knew where it was? “Mum”, I called. She didn’t come. “Mum”, I called again, but this time much higher. She came in to my room some minutes later. “What’s wrong now?” she said irritated. “I can’t find my teddy”. “Have you looked everywhere?” she asked, “No, you haven’t, I can see it under your bed”. She gave it to me. “But I don’t want to hear any word from your room any more now, and I will not come up any more to be your servant, goodnight”.


I was not tired, and the book was boring. I took my teddy and started to play with him. I played that we were two bears living in the wood, and the sleeping bag was our home. I crawled with my head first in to the sleeping bag and turned around in the end of it. I did it many times, again and again. I started to get tired and wanted to sleep, but had to crawl one more time in to the bag, just a part of the game. It was like to crawl in a tunnel; I got deeper and deeper in it. Suddenly I was in the end, and it was time to turn around. I had turned the half of my body when I suddenly couldn’t move. I tried and tried, but it didn’t work. “Mu…”

No, I could not call after her, she would get angry, and my dad was not at home. It got hot, and I could hardly breathe. I started to wail, did I have to sleep hear in the bottom of my sleeping bag the whole night? And my teddy was laid in the opening so I had to sleep without it.


I don’t know how long I lay there, but at last I decided to call after my mother, I did not care if she would get angry. “Mum.” She replayed from the living room downstairs:” Are you not sleeping?! Do you know what time it is? I’m not coming.” “But I need help!” I could hear her angry sigh, but she was on her way up. She came in to my room. “I can’t get out from the bag”, I said.  “Are you stucked inside the sleepingbag,” she was laughing. “Yes, please help me out,” I could not see the funny side about being stucked in my dear sleeping bag. She got me out at once. The whole situation was a little awkward “So lie down and sleep now”, she said, and that’s the last thing I remember of that evening.


Today I know it seems stupid to be stucked in my sleeping bag, but I remember how frighten it was. After that I’ve never crawled with my head first in to my sleeping bag, but I have had many good moments with it together with my friends, on camps, footballtournements and all other places where you need a sleeping bag.

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