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James Bond - Darkness Approaches

Et James Bond-manuskript.

Karakter: 5 (10. klasse)

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It was a cloudy and rainy day; James Bond was heading for the MI6 headquarters.
But suddenly a man appeared; he had a gun in his hand.
James recognised the man and as a hawk he grabbed his silenced Walther P99 and placed a bullet in the middle of his eyes. James looked quickly around to see if anyone was in the dark alley, he silently sneaked into the building to see who the mysterious man was; but he was not there.


(James Bond coming going trough Miss Moneypenny’s office)
Bond: I see you have prepared an early Christmas present for us.
Moneypenny: Flattery will get you nowhere, but don't stop trying!

James walks into M’s office.

(James Bond at M’s office)
M: Ah I see you came prepared; a little paperwork never hurts anyone.
(Bond gives M the delayed report)
M: What is this?
Bond: A contribution to your work, sir.
M: May I remind you, 007, you have license to kill – not to be funny.
M: I have a new assignment for you, 005 has been killed in Sweden. You will be sent right away to find out what took place in those days; remember 007 - no mistakes this time.
Bond: Those bastards.
M: You will get further information by Q, meet him at the lab.

James takes the elevator from M’s office down to Q’s lab.

(James Bond at Q’s lab)
Q: Ah 007, any recent adventures?

Bond: If you like the intense ones; yes indeed.
You want to check out your new gadgets?
Bond: Only if they explode after a while.
Your new BMW. Do you need collision coverage?
Bond: Yes.
Q: Fire?
Bond: Probably.
Q: Property destruction?
Bond: Definitely.
Q: Personal injury?
Bond: I hope not, but accidents do happen.
Q: They frequently do with you!

Here is our newest invention; The LCD watch.

Bond: To information I still got one of those.

Q: But this is a special watch; it has direct communication to MI6, phone line and the usual laser.
Bond: Ah I see; can I try it?
Q: For god’s sake, 007 - don’t do something stupid!
Bond: Boys with toys, boys with toys.

Q: Your mission is to find out who killed 005 and for what. All we know is that he was investigating a murder; Denny Crawford.
Q: I will ship the car to Stockholm, Sweden – where you will start your mission.
Bond: Perhaps send another car right away, one of them might disappear.
So Bond is taking the plane to Sweden; Royal Airlines 1st class. Bond spots a red headed woman and she looks quite sophisticated and sexy; he walks over to her.

Bond: May I offer you a drink?
Sofia: Yes indeed you may; what is your name?
Bond: Bond…. James Bond.

Sofia: My name is Sofia Lund, Mr Bond.

Bond: Pleasant to meet you, my dear.


(Sofia and Bond walks together to the bar)
Bond: One vodka martini, shaken not stirred; and a Bloody Mary to the lady.
Sofia: I just simply love men like you Mr Bond.
Bond: You’re not the only one.
Sofia: If so I must capture you.

Bond: You’re welcome to try.

(Sofia and Bond finish their drinks and walk into Bond’s private room.)
Sofia: Oh Mr Bond; you’re too wonderful.
Bond: My dear Sofia; you’re too…..

(Next morning; Bond arrives in Stockholm, Sweden.)
Felix Leiter: James!
Bond: Felix my good friend.
Felix: CIA sent me to help you solve the mystery, and I see your car has arrived.
Bond: Yes the BMW; want to take a ride?
Felix: Definitely.

(Bond driving the brand new BMW)

Bond: What hotel are you staying at?
Felix: Grand Ritz.
Bond: Good hotel?
Felix: Yes.
Bond: Any interesting people there?
Felix: Yes indeed; many elegant ladies.
Bond: Sounds like the place for me.

(Bond and Felix arrives at the Grand Ritz hotel)
Bond: Not bad.
Felix: Let’s go check in.
Bond: One moment Felix, I want to check how the bar looks.
Bond: Splendid.
Felix: What did I say?

Bond: Your taste is indeed fabulous.

(Bond checking in)

Bond: I’d like to check in; sign me up for a suite.
Hotel manager: Certainly sir, what is your name?
Bond: Bond…. James Bond.

Hotel manager: Suite 204, have a pleasant stay at Grand Ritz.
Bond: I’m sure I will, especially with so gorgeous woman around me.
Bond: I’d like to check out the casino, do you have any idea where it is?
Hotel manager: Yes it’s right around the corner, you want your bags sent up to your suite?

Bond: Yes that would be perfect, thank you.

(Bond checking out the casino, especially the poker corner)
Bond: May I join the poker?
Dealer: Certainly sir.
Bond: Let’s get started then.
Dealer: Bets please.
Mr Donb: Bet 1000£
Bond: I’ll raise that to 10000£
Mr Donb: I’m in, raise 1000£.
(Dealer gives out cards)
Bond: Bet 10000£
Mr Donb: Raise 10000£

Bond: Raise 50000£
Mr Donb: Raise 100000£

Dealer: Please show cards.
Mr Donb: Full house.
Bond: Royal Flush, seems that I won this time.
Mr Donb: Don’t worry that’s small money for me.
Dealer: Mr Bond you are the winner of 204.000£.

Mr Donb: So Mr Bond, do you want to take a drink?

Bond: Definitely.

(Bond and Mr Donb are taking a drink at the bar)
Bond: Barman!
Barman: Yes, sir?

Bond: A vodka martini, shaken not stirred please.
Barman: A vodka martini coming up.

Mr Donb: The same to me but I want it stirred.

Mr Donb: So you too like Vodka Martini?
Bond: Indeed I do, under some circumstances I prefer Smirnoff though.

Mr Donb: Good choice, I prefer vodka over Smirnoff though.
Bond: Splendid, but Mr Donb - what is your full name?
Mr Donb: Donb…. Semaj Donb.
Mr Donb: And yours Mr Bond?
Bond: Bond…. James Bond.
Mr Donb: Pleasant to meet you Mr Bond, but I’m afraid I have to go.
Bond: Good-bye Semaj Donb.

(Bond: That Semaj Donb looked a bit shocked when I said my name, maybe he is involved in the 006 case. Let’s try the new watch. I’ll try to communicate with MI6 headquarters.)

M: Hello 007.
Bond: This is urgent; can you run a check on a Mr Semaj Donb?
M: Certainly 007 but wait a moment! That is your name backwards!
Bond: I knew something weird was going on, and he got very shocked when I said my name.
M: The check is done, Mr Semaj Donb is also known as Ernst Junior Stavro Blofeld.
Bond: Does HE have a son?
M: Apparently he has, the machine is never wrong. James your new mission is to kill Ernst Junior Stavro Blofeld; he is the new leader of SPECTRE.
Bond: I will enjoy that and I’m sure “Donb” has something to do with 006 getting killed.
M: I wish you good luck.

So Bond gathered some information about where this Semaj Donb lived; it turned out to be in a big luxurious villa. James called Felix to get his help on executing Mr Donb, they are standing right outside his house now with 5 super trained soldiers.


Bond&Felix: Are you all ready to storm the villa?
Soldiers: Sir yes sir!
Bond: The plan is that you guys storm the villa, and cover me and Felix up while we go inside.

Felix: Is that understood?
Soldiers: Sir yes sir!
Felix: In five four three two one GOGOGO!

James and Felix sneaked inside the SPECTRE villa, while the soldiers were shooting at the guards. Felix followed James against the big congress room, the door where just as open so you could see in. James and Felix looked in and they saw a lot of SPECTRE members, Bond had no time to spare. He gave the co-ordinates to MI6 and called the soldiers to get here; when they arrived they were only four of them.

Bond: We have to rush those bastards, but remember don’t shoot them if not necessary.
Felix: What about SPECTRE’s leader; Blofeld?
Bond: I’ll take care of him.

Bond spots Sofia Lund which is captured inside SPECTRE’s congress room.
Mr Donb: Now that we got James Bond’s little girlfriend, he can’t and won’t do us a thing.

James Bond steps inside the room with his team.
Bond: Are you so sure about that Mr Donb? Or may I say Ernst Blofeld? Give us the girl and I won’t hurt you at all.
Mr Donb: You wish. I will kill this girl if you all don’t lay down your guns. But if you do lay down your guns I will give you all the chance to escape with the girl, I’m a man that keeps my words.

Bond: Well as we have no other choices we will lay down the weapons.
Mr Donb: Very well.

Bond, Felix, Sofia and the soldiers lay down their weapons and escapes by a helicopter right outside the villa. The helicopter takes Sofia to safety, but Bond, Felix and the soldiers stays to try to kill all the SPECTRE members. When MI6 agents, police and CIA arrives the all the SPECTRE member are gone. All but Ernst “Semaj Donb” Junior Stavro Blofeld, he lies dead on the floor. The SPECTRE member probably killed him because he let us escape.

M: Congratulations 007, you did a splendid job on this assignment and you will be happy to know that we found 006 living in one of the rooms.
Bond: But wasn’t he reported dead by an agent?
M: Indeed he was, but we found the same agent dead in another room.
Bond: Very well, can I talk to 006?
M: Certainly in two days, he is at a fly to the best hospital in the world. He is going to make a full recovery.
Bond: Splendid then I’ll have someone to have an interesting conversation with, unlikely so many else.
M: Very funny 007, oh and you have to meet at my office tomorrow precisely 8 AM

Bond: I have other things to do; I’m quite busy with important things like love.

James Bond and Sofia Lund says good bye to M, and James makes a wink with his eye so M would imagine what would happened next.



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