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This is Norway!

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Norway is a country with a quite peculiar population. Not because we are a special race or because we differ from the rest of the world. Sure enough, we have our own peculiarities, but I think all other nations have some of their own. A Finn will tell you that he can’t imagine a life without the sauna, and he is convinced that Santa Clause lives somewhere up north in his country. An American will hail his freedom of speech. He will also tell you that the U.S. is the leading country in almost anything and that everything American is always bigger and better than stuff produced by other countries. An Englishman has always time for tea, at all costs. Soccer is English. Ask anyone and they will agree.


But what is typically Norwegian? Every 17th of May we celebrate our national holiday. The red, white and blue Norwegian flag are taken out into every street, and we are enjoying our independence. The national anthem is sung in every town and village. Some people dresses up in national costumes from their home county, but most don’t care about where the garment origin from, so they buy the most beautiful one. The most popular one is from Gudbrandsdalen. But is this typical just for Norway? Every country celebrates a national holiday, and I don’t think they are any less enthusiastic doing so.

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