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The Neighbour from Hell

En stil om sjalusi og ødeleggelse, sammen med noen litt koselige glimt... ;)

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The sun was smiling and the blue sky was clearer than ever. Some birds whistled a happy song, while Susannah Young was out watering her beautiful flowers. The gorgeous red roses smelled fresh and healthy. Those plants were taken care of, with a lot of love.


Susannah was an old lady from Scotland, who had moved to Ireland with her husband many years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Young lived a quiet, but happy, life in a cosy, little house with a tiled stove, not far from Wexford. Even though the house was that small, they had a gigantic garden around it. Susannah loved her garden. She had everything from Geraniums, Daffodils and Amaryllis to a big apple tree with luxuriant foliage. This magnificent garden had won hundreds of times in a “Who Have the Most Beautiful Garden?”-contest. Susannah was very proud of all her gold polished trophies. Her garden had to be just lovely until two days later, when a new contest should take place.


Susannah’s husband, Andrew, was a retired cook. He had to quit cooking because he got some troubles with his back. Now, in stead of cooking, he liked to paint enchanting oil painting of Susannah’s richly-coloured flowers. He loved to sit in the garden with his paintbrush when the sun slowly set. Then the flowers smelled even better than ever.


Happily, Mrs. Young admired her fantastic work, right before the sunset. All her plants seemed to be pleased. With such peaceful surroundings, Susannah was looking forward to the big contest later that week. She wanted to win just one last time, before she got too old to keep doing what she loved; “making green life”. Susannah whispered good night to her little green children with petals, before she left them and went inside her house.


The house next door had been empty for several years when a middle-aged lady moved back into it months ago, all alone. Her name was Lindsay Stone and she had left Dublin for something more quiet, where the sea lies smooth and still. So she moved back into her old house where she lived before she came to Dublin.


Lindsay kept to herself most of the time; she was hardly outside her door. Usually, she came out only when she hurried to the supermarket or when she had to fix her garden. She was also passionately in love with her flowers, and in Dublin she worked as a top gardener in some of the prettiest parks.  Before she moved to Dublin, it was she who usually won the garden contests, but that was when Susannah still lived in Scotland.


This evening Lindsay spent most of the time in the kitchen window. There she had the view to Susannah’s perfect garden. Angrily she smashed her coffee cup to the floor. “I’m supposed to win! Not her!” her voice was like thunder. Dreadfully thoughts were spinning around in her head. She loved her garden above all, therefore she intended to do something to win the competition. Lindsay knew that Mrs. Young got a prize for her magnificent cherry tree last year. She was sure that the tree was going to make Susannah get the gold trophy this year too. With her dearest garden shears she walked out of here house on tiptoes. Her mouth was a big evil grin and she had cruel lights in her blue eyes.


Andrew was out in the garden painting, as usual. He just loved Susanna’s new rosebush. He looked like a living paintbrush while he ardent formed his art onto the canvas. Slowly a beautiful rose of paint took place in front of him. Suddenly, an eager laughter jumped out of the silent and magic moment. Andrew stopped painting and carefully looked around.


Lindsay took her garden shears and attacked the cherry tree. All her anger and her strong wish to win the contest took totally over. “What are you doing?!” Andrew said with a sneer. His face was covered with red oil-based paint. Lindsay took a step away from what was left of the cherry tree. The tree was destroyed. Susannah’s favourite tree was gone. Lindsay let go of her garden shears and it fell down. Andrew seeing her was not a part of her brilliant plan.


The conflict resolved in a peaceful way. Lindsay got disqualified from the garden competition and had to swallow the bitter pill. Susannah and Andrew demanded her to buy them a new cherry tree to ease the pain. Although Susannah’s tree was annihilated, she won the gold trophy this year too and got a prize for her new rosebush.

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