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Street gangs

En tekst om gjengmiljøet i USA.

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I’m going to tell you a bit about street gangs, and gang activity accounts for a great deal of crime in America today, such as homicide, drug dealing, car theft and general vandalism.


Street gangs have existed in the United States for years. Many were originally formed as a means of self-protection for family and friends within their neighbourhood, but it eventually led to criminal activity as a source of income.


Street gangs often develop in cities where many different, poor communities live together. And the people that belong to the same ethnic group live in the same area.


Street gangs, is also known as Youth Gangs, they are groups who take over territory in a particular part of a city and rival with each other or fight gangs from other parts of the city. They are often involved in criminal activities.


Despite their high profile in the media, relatively few young people join street gangs. But why do these people want to join one, when they know that most of the street gangs have a bad reputation?


Well, I think that they don’t have, or at least they feel like they don’t have a good home life or a family who loves them, and they don’t have that sense of belonging there. And the gang “family” promises to give them all the tings they want or needs.


Other reasons could be that they are being pressured, it could be that they want excitement, money, drugs and even fear, threats and intimidation could be a reason.


But the ting is that every one can’t just join a gang. Most must go through a ritual to show that they are worthy to be a member. This might consist of beating with fists and/or clubs, they could get an order to shoot someone, participate in an act of violence, such as assaulting or beating a rival gang member, or an innocent person.


Many females are initiated by being “sexed in”. That mean that the woman may voluntarily agree to have sex with some or all of the male members, and in some cases she may even be raped. And a recently reported trend to being “sexed in” is to have sex with someone who is known to be HIV positive.


Being a gang member will probably lead to injury, drug abuse, a criminal record, incarceration and possibly death. And for female members it could also lead to unwanted pregnancy.


When gang members at some point in their lives feel the need to separate themselves from the gang life, it sometimes is as difficult and dangerous as joining the gang. Many gangs have a “jumping out” ritual that may include a severe beating. This could lead to permanent injury or death.


You know there are a lot of different types of gangs, and all of them can be divided into four main groups, depending on which ethnic group the members belong to: there is BLACK, ASIAN, HISPANIC AND WHITE.


Each group has its own colours, symbols and code of behaviour.


As an example I’m going to talk a bit about two of the main groups of BLACK gangs: The BLOODS and the CRIPS.


Since the 1980s there has been an intense rivalry between these two groups, because the Crips, I don’t know why, but they killed many members of smaller gangs in Los Angeles, and then these small gangs formed an alliance that they called the BLOODS to take revenge on the CRIPS.


And knowing that the CRIPS used the colour blue to identify each other, the BLOODS decided to use an opposing colour identify each other, so their gang colour are red.


This is commonly shown by wearing a coloured t-shirt, a bandanna, hat or belt.


An other way to show that you are a member is by showing a tattoo that is special to the gang you’re in, or you can use the most known and obvious form and that is to use special hand signs.


The Bloods and the Crips:

The Game is a member of the BLOODS and

Snoop Dog is a member of the CRIPS.


Both of the gangs have evolved their own form of alphabet, and they have different codes that they use when they communicate with each other.


Even though the violence levels between the two gangs have been reduced after they in May in 2004 made a peace contract, there is still a long way to go before there will become peace and the gangs stop killing each other.


As a short conclusion in the end; it’s not an easy life to be in a gang, but I can understand that some feel the need to be in one, just to like feel safe and be a part of something.   




Some of their codes:

001 - Blood love

013 - Get him; assault someone 

023 - Watch your back

041 - Kill the Crip



The Game





Some of their codes:

Black flag  – Kill

Hard candy – Knife

Mafia         – Police

Shark         – Traitor



Snoop Dog

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