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Fikk i oppgave å skrive om en planet som het "Zlomph" og hva vi forestilte oss var der.

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“I’m sorry, did you say Zlomph? Not Mars or Jupiter, but Zlomph?” The creature laughed at me; however, I was not amused. “Yes, the planet is named Zlomph.” I just thought to myself that I must be dreaming. “We named it Zlomph. We just thought it was a funny idea at the time”.


We kept walking down the hill, this tall, dark hill. The creature’s name was Mr Hyde, and he found me sleeping at the top, and don’t ask me how I got there, because I don’t know. By the way, I am talking about THE Mr. Hyde. Huge, light – green and very grumpy, he was. They didn’t like strange humans sleeping on the hill. “So how do I get home? I left my red heels at home, so clicking them is not an option”. He pretended to not even hear me. He told me that Zlomph was where all mythical creatures lived. Creatures from fairly tales, horror stories and even Santa Claus were all here, living their lives just like humans do.


Suddenly I saw a bright light, and for a second I thought “Oh God, this is it”, but this however, was not the case. Out of the light came Elvis Presley. Mr. Hyde turned to me and said “show-off”. I reacted “But he’s not mythical, he was a real person!” Elvis replied, a bit dazed I must add, “But the idea that people have of who I was is in fact, a fairy tale in itself. I am the king of Zlomph, and Love Me Tender is the national anthem” Elvis then became my guide for the night, because Mr. Hyde was to busy changing back to Dr. Jekyll. “More luck with the ladies this way” he said.

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