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Dear friend Nabil

Et brev til en venn fra New York

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Hotel Edison
20Broadway 15th street
Stine, Sabina 12336


November 9th 1999


Dear friend Nabil,
How are you doing?I am fine here in Manhattan or New York for not to brag. I have been here only one week ,but I have one week more to have so fun like I did have last week. I can’t explain how much I did have last week. Do you want to know what I experience. ? You really want I thinkJ. First of all I live on a 5 star hotel in the Broadway and my hotel’s name is hotel Edison.I know that you are being jealous right now hehehe. On my first day I did experience lot of things like Central Park, you know that Central Park is beautiful and funny park. It’s lots of rides there. Some of them are so fun especially one with horses. Yes, yes I also saw some shops on “Century 21” with so many cool clothes. It’s like a paradise of shop`s.And in the evening when people is sleeping does Manhattan wake up with billion of colours and billion of lights .It’s like the paradise on earth.And on my second day mum called our guide who was going to show us around in New York. But, he was ill L.I didn’t like that .Then we decided to see the Statue of Liberty , and do you know what?It started to rain and weather was going to be worse I though. I got right the weather condition was very bad. So we could not go to the Statue of Liberty . So sad. Then I said to my dad that it was better to go to the hotel and rent a movie . My dad liked my idea . So we did rent a movie and saw it. Bad day. But my brother said better luck next time. So on Wednesday our 3rd day I went to The Liberty Isle, and our guide was also with us that day .He showed us around and told history of the Statue of Liberty. Do you know that The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France? It was made in 1886 and shipped over. It was the very first sight the poor immigrants from Europe got of America. It`s also a symbol of what America has meant to people from all over the world. And you can`t think how big is the Statue of Liberty. It was like that a giant is standing in front of me. We took the elevator to the top of the statue. And looked down to the world. I felt that I was the king of the world . I screamed from the top of the statue ,and no body could hear me.Strange. And when we came home I was so tired after the tour so I sleeped on the floor in my room. My mum did wake me and said that I must sleep on the bed and not on the floor. Nice mum. On Thursday didn’t I do something special. I was only a tour in a boring opera named “Tatou” . My mum was so happy to see Pavarotti singing so she cried . She said that Pavarotti`s voice is like god is in him to sing. But I didn`t understand a shit about what he singed about. I think Friday was my luckiest day in my life. I did meet Sara . A beautiful girl who did moved into the room number 156 and mine was 154 so it was not so long from her. I am very good friend with her. Know she is sitting with me and is helping me to write a letter to you. She s very nice. She ask about you should I tell her about you? I am telling that you are a genius on school and you are a “girlhater” . No, just kidding. I tell her that you are nice. Back to Friday . On Friday was me and my family on a restaurant . It was very high standard restaurant with beautiful girls like waiter . That day our dinner had extra taste. Do you know what??. I really love the states. Because, it`s not so much fight on the street like in Russia. And no body discriminate some body . Every body understand each other. Every body have same culture even if they come from other countries. Or have other backgrounds. And most of all they love each other . They love to spend time with there friends. It`s not like in Russia there everybody is selfish . Here do everybody help each other in trouble. And the states is also called “Melting Pot”.

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