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Witches - Roald Dahl

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Title: Christmas in Hell

Author: Arthur Gordon


Christmas 1914. The first world war has just broken out. Two enormous armies face eachother separated by only a few feet frozen mud. The place is a british trench where a young officer thinks about the hell he has been sucked into. A christmas cease-fire is agreed upon, and soon soliders from both armies are glad. They meet in “No mans land” and exchange gifts. The main person is getting good friend with a german called Otto. The enemies become friends. They agree to play football following day – Christmas day. It will be a friendly match. However not everyone on the british side is happy about such a dangerous development. Everybody is thinking how it will be to fight with the persons as they have been good friends with. The main person is thinking how it will be to kill his good friends. In just few hours they will be enemies again. But The main person is making a plan. If you want to know how the story ends you will have to read the book…


The story is told by the main person and we never get any information about him or his family. The only person that is given any description is Otto. He is tall with dark hair and very thin. He looks a bit dangerous out.


I liked the book very good and it was very easy to understand and had not very much “strangewords”. The happening was not very hard to understand and it was very exciting.


I will advise the book further to other people, because it was very funny and good book. I think the content was great, and the book was not all too long. I will give the book 4 points of 6 possible.

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