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A Dream

Hele verden har forandret seg.

Karakter: 6- (8. klasse)

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I woke up. ”Mom! Dad!?” I shouted, I had this feeling that something was not right.

“Are you there?” I shouted. No answer… I went from my room to the kitchen. It was no-one there. But when I looked for food in the fridge it was empty. Hmmm strange, I thought. I checked the other fridge(we have two, you see) there I found some milk and some pizza from yesterday. I ate it.


When I went out in the garden, the sky was red and all the plants and trees had faces. It was really weird. But it was funny.


Then I went into the bath to take a shower. The water was green and glowing, very strange. When I saw myself in the mirror I had a pigs face.

“Oh my god! What the heck is going on here, and why do I have a pigs face?” I shouted to the mirror.

Then the pig in the mirror answered “Hahaha, Rolf Bao!” which was quite meaningless.


The pig had now disappeared and in the mirror it was nothing but emptiness. Maybe the mushrooms I ate yesterday where poisonous and that I were just hallucinating, I think that’s the reason for all this weirdness.

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