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The legend behind Mount Everest

En historie om to troll, Mount og Everesta.

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Once upon a time, a long time before the dinosaurs and cavemen, cars and skyscrapers. There was no grass, the ground was all covered with sand, just like a desert. No sun was shining, the world was all dark, accept a few stars shining far away in the univers. There was no birds sitting in the trees singing, because there were no trees to sit in, and not any birds to sing. There were no lakes, rivers or animals, and therefore there was not any food either.


The only creatures living on earth was trolls. The weak, children and old trolls were eaten by the big ones because of the shortage of food.  Every day was a hard battle. And only the biggest and strongest trolls could survive. But one day something happened. Who would change the trolls life forever.


“Mum! Help me! Uncle Sguf is trying to eat me!” Little Mount screamed. Uncle Sguf was holding him up side down after his left foot. Mount tried desperately to kick Sguf in the face whit his right foot, but Sguf was to strong. He grabbed Mounts left foot too, and put Mounts arm in his mouth. He was just to bite over when:

“How dare you trying to eat my son!”

“Mummy!” Mount cried of happiness. He knew that his uncle Sguf was one of the biggest and most respected trolls on the whole earth. But Xents mum was also very much respected, since she was the biggest lady. Xents mum had saved many children trolls from being eaten by the big ones. But this time Sguf would not give up. He was very hungry and he knew that if he got some more hungry trolls to his side, Mounts mum would have to give up protecting her son, or else she would be eaten too.

“Sguf, let my son down immediately” She said strictly.

“Nope” Sguf said determined. “I haven’t been eating for 8 days Everesta, I’m starving to death!”

“But you can’t eat your nephew Sguf. Eat some sand instead, then you don’t have to kill someone!”


Everesta grabbed some sand from the ground and stuck op in Sgufs face. “There you go” she said. Sguf got angry and hit Everestas hand and the sand fall out. Everesta punched back and hit Sgufs nose.

“Wroooaaa!” Sguf roared, and some other trolls came over and surrounded them. It wasn’t every day the two biggest and strongest trolls had a fight.

Sguf let go on Mount and he fell down on the ground.

“Get out of the way dear” Everesta said and pushed him carefully out of the ring, she gave him a hug before she went back.


Mount cried. He knew that just one of them would come out alive. The other one would immediately be eaten by the other hungry trolls.


Mount looked up at the stars, they were just hanging there, twinkling, without anything to be worried about, he saw a shooting star and wished for a miracle to happen, so neither uncle Sguf or his mum needed to die.  Suddenly, Mount saw a sharp lightning big star rise up over a sand hill.

“Look!” He screamed. “What is that?!” Everesta and Sguf stopped fighting, and all the trolls who were watching them turned around. The star was getting bigger and bigger, lightning up everything on its way.

“Mount, come over her, I’ll lift you up so you can see better” Everesta lifted Mount up and sat him on her shoulder. “What do you see?” Everesta asked. “The star is getting bigger, and grandfather is totally stiffened, it’s coming closer mum”


It was the sun the trolls saw. They didn’t know that if the sun hit them, they would all become like Mounts grandfather. Turned into stone, or in this case, since the trolls were so big, mountains. But the trolls didn’t know that. So they just stood there, speechless, and watched one by one of them was turned into mountains.


And Everesta, whit Mount one her shoulders, were tallest one the whole earth, and they became Mount Everest.

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