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The House

Oversettelse av novelle jeg har skrevet på bokmål.

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Hey there! Where in the world have you been? And ain`t Olav with your? This wil give big consistenses. That was my dads voice like eternal ear-whistling in my back head. Bad that who happend to Olav, I hope that we don`t meet that wolf again. Peeeeerrr!!!! Help me!


I woked late up of the door bell and my mumms voice who said: They other are at the door now. Per and Olav you know. You are going to the trip on the mountain, don`t you remember? "bbbb....but I dont want to go." I thought that you had lokked forward to it. Do you had a bad dream maby?" "Yeah, some kind of that. But enought about that. Bye, we are back my midnight. It`s three hours till. Unlike they other where I a litle afraid because of the dream I had. To get my friends a litle more afraid i said: Lets go against the place over there, against the scary place. Maby it is ghosts there, who knows. "Im starting to be litle afraid now. It was scary. Everything feels so real. The trees, the bushes, the wind, the rain, yes. Exactly like the dream I had.


-I had a dream, i started. I woked up in the midle of the dream when you gays knock at my door, and the dream was about this trip. I don`t remember the whole dream, but some of us got killed.


We walked long into the wood, there I suddenly saw a litle cabin. The cabin doesn`t look likes a cabin or something who reminds someone about a cabin. It looks old, deserted, tumbledown and mystical out. At least we walked quiet and carefull into the sad, litle cabin. The first thing we saw was the small stairs who lead down till a big sebterranean floor. Per and Olav went still down they small and creaking stairs to eksplore the sebterranean floor. However I walked in first floor to look me around.


Oh no. Suddenly I found it out. This is exactly like the dream I had before I woked up today. I feel myself cold down my back.  "Per! Olav! Come here and see what I have found. Peeerr! are you down there? "Heeeelpp me!" Can I had started to see the future? I need to get help, and that fast. I`m sending a distress report, and then I`ll go back to see after them. No, no.I can`t. I just have to get myself to safety.


Far, Far down there is my house, and i will never get there alive before the killer takes me. Omg I got lonely now. Exactly like a fly in a anthill. Would have done much for some good company now.


Boom!!! At once I turned around. The terrible murder got shot by a forester who has recived my distress report. At once he called for rescue. Then we where sitting there. I was cold, dirty, afraid and shocked. The heaven had open itself and it rain much. The wood was very quiet. We where quite alone, no animal or people to see.The only thing was the wind who lifts the trees sometimes. In the newspapers next day it stood. Two teenargers is missing and murder taken.

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