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Du er her: Skole > The United Kingdom’s position in the world today

The United Kingdom’s position in the world today

Oppgave om Storbritannias posisjon i dag. Beskriver forholdet mellom Storbritannia, USA, EU og det britiske samveldet.

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The UK is today in the middle of a historic phase of change concerning international relations. Right now, they are trying to keep their relations with both the Commonwealth, the USA, and the European Union, but will probably soon have to choose which one they want to be closer to in the future.


The start of this period of confusion was the breakdown of the empire, and the two world wars. During the centuries before, Britain was used to ruling enormous areas, and their influence in the world was almost without limitations. Now, however, they’re standing more alone. True, the Commonwealth, as a remainder of the empire, still exists, but Britain’s influence can’t be compared to what it was. Today they have no more power than any of the other nations in the Commonwealth. This relationship to the former colonies is pulling Britain in one direction. The organization that consists of 54 countries is tied together by common history, language, economy and culture. They stand together working for democracy, human rights, social development, and economic growth, but the Union itself is not very strong. Even though they all have equal power in the Commonwealth, Britain has sort of a leader role. What Britain think is important to the other nations, and there is educational and cultural exchange, where most people aim for London.

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