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Facts about Edinburgh

En liten artikkel om byen Edinburgh i Skottland.

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The Royal Mile is like the heart of Edinburgh, where it streches from Queen Elisabeth’s “Holyrood Castle” at the bottom of the hill, to the Edinburgh Castle which stands majestic over the city. Along this “mile” you will know how to get to know this city. So if you ever go to Edinburgh, this is the place to go first. But this city has a lot more to offer.


The city of Edinburgh is described as “momumental, dynamic and romantic.” This is none the last because of the lopsided houses and the dramatic and magnificent history of this wonderful city.


The main shopping street in Edinburgh is Princes Street where you can find everything you couldn’t dream about, but the most luxourious hotels in Edinburgh also lie here. If you ever get tired of walking among all these shops, you can just go to the other side of the street, to the Princes Street Garden and sit down with flowers all around you.


There is about 500.000 inhabitants in Edinburgh, and the Scots are known for their helpfullness, so if you ever get lost, it’s just to ask.


The climate is near related to the one we have here in Norway; a mild winter and some rain in the summer.

The currency in Scotland, Edinburgh is the same as in England and all over Britain, the pound.. (1£ = 11.75 NOK)


The most of the people in Edinburgh speak English with an Scottish accent, but you also find people who speak Gaelic and Welsh.

Facilities in Edinburgh:

Edinburgh Castle:
Here you can see the Crown Jewels of Scotland, maybe the Great Hall and the 15th century canon, Mons Meg.

John Knox House:
Visit the memorial to the famous reformer John Knox. Here you have a really good opportunity to see a real medieval house.

Palace of Holyroodhouse:
Here you can visite the official recidence of Queen Elizabeth in Scotland, except during June, when the Royal Family spends some time there.

Museum of Childhood:
If you have children with you, this is the place to go. This is one of the first museums in the world devoted to the history of childhood!

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