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Naked in comersial.

Om nakenhet utført av NSR

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Why did you use a naked woman in your commercial?


We thought that she would be a popular motive, that would get some attention. Not many men throws a big poster of a naked lady in the trash, and to prevent that, was one of our goals.


Did the commercial get the effect that you hoped for?


We hope that men on boats around the country, will hang the calendar up on walls and have it there throughout the year. Now, 2 months later it looks like our plan went into action. We never thought our commercial would get so much attention as it did, but as they say: All commercial is good commercial!


Do you regret the commercial, based on all the negative attention?


At one time we were afraid the calendar would only work against us, and make us look bad, but as it all developed we don’t regret it.


Will you send out a similar commercial later?


Not likely, because of the law, but maybe we one day will send out a lighter edition.


Trodde dere reklamen skulle gå ubemerket hen?


Yes. We didn’t think that the papers would have any interest in making a case out of it, but we regnet med some calls from the most anxious likestillingskvinnene.


Don’t you feel that you have exploited and abused the female body?


No, we don’t.


Were you surprised of all the uproar around your commercial?


Yes. We didn’t think a so lite oppfinnsomt project would create so much oppstyr, specially when you know it flows of half-naked women everywhere these days. From huge posters on the side of the roads to music videos that looks more like pornography than a music performance.


Have you received any reactions from the model?


Yes we have. She didn’t think that she would be showed naked all over the country, and she had hoped that her family and her neighbours would avoid seeing it. Specially her father and ex-boyfriend were disappointed at her. On the other side she has been contacted by a couple of model agencies that liked the pictures, and who knows, maybe we helped her career with the calendar.

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