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Aradias nightmare

Engelsk stil. Karakter 5+.

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Aradia looked at her son, Milo. The little pony had just opened his eyes, after two weeks of blindness. He smiled back to his mother; happily he stumbled to her breasts. Aradia and Milo had a strong relationship.
They lived on a farm in England. Olof, the owner of the farm, had a daughter named Julie. She was very interested in horses, and because of her idea of keeping horses on the farm, her father built a stable. On Julie's 11th birthday, Olof gave her a horse as a gift.
She named the horse Aradia.
Now Julie was 15, and Aradia 10 years old. (Aradia was 6 years old when Julie got her.)
After sucking milk from his mother’s breasts, Milo felt a little dizzy. So he went to nearest hay ball to get some sleep. Aradia looked once again on her innocent baby. She became a little sleepy too, and her eyes closed slowly.

‘It’s burning’ someone screamed. ‘Somebody, please, help us!’ Firemen were running around on the farm. Julie was screaming for the fire to stop, but that didn’t help at all. Milo did not hear the screaming from the firemen and Olof, because he was caught in the flames. Olof ran in to the stable trying to get all the horses out. Luckily he got them out before they would have been killed in the flames. Olof continued running to the hen house, but this time he wasn’t that lucky.

- Aradia! Wake up, you lazybones. Time for breakfast! Julie said with her polite voice. Aradia suddenly woke up from her nightmare. She was breathless and tried to calm down again. Could this be a warning? Aradia didn’t want her breakfast; all she wanted was to be near her little Milo.
– Don’t you want your breakfast? What’s wrong? It’s plenty of hay; you can get some afterwards if you want.
Julie was worried. Aradia always ate her food, but not this time! What was wrong?
- Father, please, don’t make her go to the vet. Please, you know she hates it!
Julie knew something was wrong with Aradia. But Julie didn’t know about the nightmares that Aradia has had. Last week, one week after Milo was born, Aradia started to feel very sick. And you could see it on her, that she felt a lot of pain. Every time Olof came near her, she became terrified and run away.

Olof wanted Aradia to be checked. Why go around and wonder what's wrong and don't do anything about it? It was true that Aradia hated the veterinary. Why? Well, because last time she was there for a check, she got the wrong medicine and got very ill afterwards!
But Aradia had no choice, she had to go to the vet either she liked it or not.
- Well, this is a very strong horse, I can see. But there's something very wrong with her. Let me take a test and you'll get the results later. I'll try to be very quick so you may get it today.
Aradia tried to look at the positive site. “I’m at the vet’s, so whatever’s wrong with me should be taken care of!” – I hope she won’t die, father! I love her so much, and I don’t dare to lose her!
Julie started to cry, her tears would just not stop. The vet looked at Julie and sid;
– We don’t know that for sure yet, but I’ll do whatever’s in my power to heal her.

Aradia knew she was going to die. She had to tell her good friend Monoela about her nightmares, just in case. Poor Milo, who should take care of him? Monoela? Well, Julie could, she did take care of Aradia. But it wasn’t the same, she was a human.
When the vet came back again, he had a serious expression on his face.
– I’m afraid your horse has cancer. I’m sorry, but it’s very serious. I’m afraid she won’t survive a surgery! Both Olof and Julie started to cry. Julie began to stroke Aradias neck and whispered words as ’You’re going to be OK’ and ’You will never die for me, because you’re always going to be in my heart!’ It was such an emotional moment. Aradia was numb; she couldn’t say or do anything, she felt sicker and sicker every second.

The day after, Olof brought her back to the vet’s. She didn’t know if she could live one more day. After almost two weeks with pain, she knew that she soon wouldn’t suffer anymore. All she wanted was to see her little baby boy again, Milo. But, wait, Julie was coming, with a horse. Could it be Milo? ‘Yes, it is Milo, Oh thank you God, you heard my prayers!’ Aradia thought. Milo starred at his mother and started to get tears in his eyes. ‘Mum, are you going to die?’ Milo said, only his mother understood it of course. Aradia nodded her head to show that she heard him. Milo couldn’t be with his mother anymore, the vet told Olof to lead Milo outside again.
‘Bye, Milo’ Aradia said to her son. ‘Bye, Mum’. Carlo, the other vet was going to put Aradia to death. ‘Well, I’ve had a great life, and I don’t regret anything!’ she thought and then she became very dizzy. She felt a sleep, and the next morning, she didn’t wake up.

‘Milo, Milo, wake up you little lazy.’ That was Monoela, which was a good friend of Aradia. ‘Can’t you see I’m sleeping?’ Milo answered irritated. ’Monoela can never be my mother! She is not, and never will be!’ Milo thought.
– Milo!! Monoela, Jurkey, Harry! It was Olof, and he was screaming to them. – I have to get you out of here, it’s burning! Now Milo started to feel scared. He didn’t know what to do. And then, suddenly Olof grabbed Milo’s tie and ran as fast as he could to get Milo safe. Milo was very scared, but kept running after Olof. Julie was outside crying. She couldn’t go in to the stable to get the horses out, Olof told her to stay calm.


Olof brought every horse out, and Julie tied the horses to the fence near their house. The stable was totally on fire! Was it true that Aradias nightmare was an omen? Far as I know, it all came true. Milo came from the fire unharmed. Julie hugged him over and over again.


Olof wasn’t that lucky when he came to the hen house. The fire was spread to the building beside, namely the hen house. Six hens were dead when he came to rescue them, and two of the chickens had serious fire damages. The only rooster they had died in the fire too. The fire trucks arrived the farm five minutes later. Olof had tried to extinguish the flames himself, without any luck. The firemen stopped the fire after ten minutes. Olof and Julie were so pleased that all the horses were unharmed and now safe. They didn’t know what they should do about the damages on the stable. But they knew one thing; they had survived the fire*, and as a family they could survive and handle any situations!

*Few months later they found out what the cause of the fire was; the infamous arsonist, Jimmy Heftmans fingerprints was found on a matchbox, which was found on the top of a hay ball basket near the stable. Jimmy was arrested immediately when the case was cleared up.

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