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Easy on Earth

Teknologiske nyvinninger kan være nyttig. I hvert fall til en viss grad.

Tentamensoppgave i 10. klasse.

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Oh, yes, I have a very technical life! Yesterday I bought a new keyboard and it is all technical. But what is life without technical stuff? I can’t imagine a world without technology! I also have a Television in my room. It’s kind of strange; but I think it’s a “must” for every teenager. At least 10 of my nearest friends have their own Television in their room.

I think it all started when I began in the 5th grade, that time we got our first computer. I was 10 years old when we got it. The computer wasn’t much to boast about, but it was all ours. That was the most important. We often used the paint program and made a lot of pictures. I remember we had a lot of fun, my brother and I. One year later I got my own Television.

But one summer day in the 2002, right before I started at the junior high school, dad brought a new computer home from his work. I can remember how shiny and expensive it looked. Dad told me I could have it on my room. Oh, I was so happy and so proud too! My own computer with internet, this was so cool!
It didn’t take long before I had my own e-mail address. I think it was or something like that. But that is not so important. I used it everyday; checking inbox, writing messages and other things. I sat on the computer every day until the 19th August. School started this day, and I couldn’t bring the computer to school. Anyway it was stationary.

You can say that after being so technical influenced I have been lazier! Now I call my best friend in the telephone everyday instead of go to her. And she lives 100 meter from me! That’s what I call laziness! I think we can be addicted to all the technical stuffs! It makes life so much easier! I won’t complain but I think we loose the will to do things by ourselves. Everything is modern now; even the bed can be technical!
Our lives depend on the technical. Take this for an example: I do all my homework on my computer, but what if the computer suddenly turns itself off? Well, all my work will be gone, and if I haven’t saved it, it’s not much to do than to start over.

So what am I saying? Well, I’m saying that although we know the risks about technology, we take the chances anyway. And you know why? That’s because it’s the easier way out! On your computer you have a dictionary on your writing program. This will help you with your grammar and make it easy to write a text!
You don’t have to do just your homework on the computer. As usual it has other functions too. You can play games, listen to music, go online, take pictures etc. I’m often on a chat-program called MSN. You can simply sign up your e-mail address and chat with your friends. But first you have to add your friends’ addresses so that they have you on their list too.

And when we are talking about “the easier life”; I have some examples on products in a regular house that make our day easier: Television, Radio, Computer, Telephone, Electrical toothbrush, Hairdryer, Vacuum cleaner, Toaster, Blender, Dishwasher, Calculator etc.

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