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Du er her: Skole > The day you left me

The day you left me

Beskrivende dikt av kjærlighetssorg og savn.

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I keep waking up, in all these different rooms

Still opening my eyes without you, the day starts with tears

With a cigarette in my hand and razorblades in the other

I doesn’t seem to bother poisening my self all the time

Pretending that you don’t excist, is not helping my hazel heart

I so badly wanna squieze the tears back, and face the reallity without you

But then over and over again, I know I can’t get over it


Even now, when I have all this time for my self, your’e still sitting next to me

Next to me in the blue sofa, with the remotecontrol in your hand

With that same empty look in your eyes

Then you walk away


In some kind of wierd way or another, I still keep on living my life based on our memory

Though I try to not look back, but forward, your’e still in the back of my head

Reminding me of what jused to be


I wanna be the person that takes the next step

But as usual I blamed my past, and my proudness

I really wanna change my self, but it is as if you stopped me

I can’t do anything right, though I neighter was good at it before

But what I can do, is hopeing

That every day that goes by, mayby there’s a closer change for you to come back to me

Though our feature together just keeps on rottening

I keep on telling my self that you only need time

But what you really need

Is anything else but me


I wanna be the person who changes everything

But then I got to change my self first

Because you see, I still love you

I will always love you

I wan’t you back so badly that if you did returned, but broke my heart again,

I would still love you

I wouldn’t regret it

Though I know it won’t happen

I know you will be right where you are now


Because the day you left me

I allready knew then that it was for good

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