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The Three Lions

Eksamensbesvarelse, våren 1999. Toppkarakter.

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As I walked down the dim street I was cursing the English weather, while I could feel the rain water run slowly down my back. Yet another rainy day. The light was so dim that I could hardly see the street infront of me, and every now and then I managed to step into one of the water puddles that was starting to take shape. "Bloody hell!" i shouted while standing up to my ancles in water, the shoues I was wearing were more suited for walks on the beach, not for attempting to walk on water like some historical person.As i proceeded ot walk down the street, I started to hear noises, almost like a group of people gathered at one place. And much to my delight I stumbled oupon a old fasion english pub. A place to seek refuge from the terrencial rainfall that was flooding down on me. I looked up and saw a old, worn down sign, "The Three Lions" it said, or so it seemed, the light, or lack of it, and the rain made it rather difficult to read.As I opened the heavy oak door, the noise inside hit me straight in the face. "Seems like I’m not the only one seeking shelter from the pouring rain." I thought to myselfe.

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