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Across The Barricades

Bokanmeldese av den kjente boken.

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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”A conventional romance in a very unconventional context. Although the political situation always remains firmly in the background, it still presses in more and more tightly on the young couple. There is a very real feeling that they are battling against the forces of evil, forces which are the same on both sides of the barricades. Nevertheless the pair will not give in and emerge, through their courage and obstinacy, as the real freedom fighters.” This is what the author said about the book, I think she describes the book very well. At the same time as the book is thrilling, she let the persons in the book fall in love with each other at the same time, as none of them is willing to give up what they stand for. Even when all odds are against their relationship, even their parents are against them, they will not give each other up, they want peace.


The persons we meet in the book is many, so I’ll try to only take the main character with in the summary: Kevin McCoy: Is a patriot to his religion and country, but he begins to doubt that fighting does any good at all. He is as his father says: ”He is like a women, he wants peace for every price”. He is willing to turn against his friends, only because he is in love with a girl. He works in a scrapyard, and that is getting him into trouble. He got two girls after him, one Protestant girl, Sadie, and one Catholic girl, Kate. He likes Sadie; he looks at Kate, as she is a strenuous girl.

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