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Kyle and the Vampire

På skolen fikk vi en masse ord som ikke hadde noe med hverandre å gjøre, som vi skulle bruke i en stil. Slik ble mitt resultat.

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A long time ago, there was a man named Kyle. He was a happy man.


One day, Kyle went in to the forest to fill up a bucket with blueberries. Suddenly he saw a vampire riding on a magic horse, bringing a cake he had baked himself. The vampire was supposed to have a party with some friends. His friends didn’t show up, though. When the vampire saw Kyle walking around in the forest, he was so happy that he invited him to his party. The party contained music, dancing and lots of alcohol. Both Kyle and the vampire got drunk and fell asleep. To Kyle, the party was like a fairytale!


Some days after the party, when Kyle and the vampire had become good friends, Kyle wanted to invite the vampire on a vacation. The vampire said yes, and a week later, they took a flight to a small island far out in the sea.


They had much fun together; walking around on the beach, eating dinner at fine restaurants, talking together in front of the fire and playing TV-games. Kyle started to fall in love with his vampire friend. He started flirting, giving the vampire compliments and said stupid things, like many people do when they are in love.


When their relationship became really strong, Kyle asked the vampire to marry him. The vampire freaked out, and dumped Kyle. At first, Kyle was really sad for being dumped, but as time went by, he became more and more angry.


One day, Kyle did something really bad. In his frustration, he murdered the vampire. He drove over him with a huge car. The police caught him, and Kyle was sent to prison. He had to sit there for a long time, and the only thing he spent his time on, was computers. Kyle had become mentally ill after all the experiences he had had in his life, and that’s why he was sent to the insane asylum after he got out of prison. He fought an inner war for the rest of his life.

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