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"Lord of the flies" by William Golding

Tolkning av "Lord of the flies" av William Golding. Håper den er til hjelp.

Karakter: 5 (VK2)

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The setting takes place sometime during or right after the Second World War. The writer mentions the nuclear bomb and that the plane that the boys were on was shot down, witch gives us the idea that a war is going on. The boys are stranded on an island, witch at first at first impression looks like paradise, hot climate, masses of fruit, comfortably safe bathing areas, and nice sandy beaches. The Island also consists of a forest and a mountain. The environment on the island changes during the novel, at first the island is fertile, but when the boys divide into two groups and the rivalry starts, the whole island burns down, burning the fertile ground to ashes. The “savages” burn the whole island in their desperate hunt for Ralph, but in the end the whole island is set on fire. Maybe the writer is trying to tell us something about this whole incident, how society will develop?


Ralph is a 12 year old boy. He is blond, tall and relatively handsome. In his dreams and thoughts he dreams about a cottage, not a very luxurious cottage, witch indicates that he is not that wealth. On the island Ralph takes on the role as the leader. Although he is not the brightest boy on the island he is more sensible that the other boys. He believes is democracy and that everybody should have their opinion heard. He believes in order and justice, and his main goal as leader is to get rescued, by keeping the fire on the mountain maintained, the fire must always be burning. He has most support among the “littleuns” while Jack and his hunters have a more negatively attitude towards Ralph being the leader.


Jack Merridew has red hair and freckles, he is the same type as Ralph, a leader. He is not elected to leader and therefore has some kind of anger towards Ralph. He has leadership in his blood, from being the leader of the choir boys, who eventually become “the hunters”. He don’t obey the orders that Ralph gives and only care about hunting and himself. He also lets the fire be extinguished one day, that really upsets Ralph, this disagreement evolves into something much greater and eventually Jack establishes a new tribe, known as “the savages”. Jacks goal is the get rid of the other tribe and survive on the island, with no intentions of getting rescued. In the end he and his tribe is trying to eliminate Ralph. We get the impression that Jack is pure evil, and capable of killing a human being.


Piggy is overweight, wears glasses and has asthma. His is the most intelligent boy on the island, but his opinions and ideas is getting totally ignored, only Ralph listens to them sometimes. He is the mock victim number one on the island, due to his physical condition and the specs. He tries hard to become a part of the society, but constantly failing. He also together with Ralph believes in order and democracy. His specs plays a very important role in the novel, they hold the key to rescue, fire! Towards the end of the book Piggy is killed by Jack and his savages.


Simon is not as old as the flock of 10-13 year olds on the island, but is neither as young as the “littleuns”. He is thin and wears a uniform, and has no bad intentions. He is very optimistic, and though the whole novel he constantly believe that they will get rescued. He also talks to “the lord of the flies”, the pigs head represent evil while Simon represents the good. Later he is killed during the dance after the feast by the other boys, by mistake. He also suffers from epilepsy witch in earlier periods of time was mistaken to be a gift to connect with the gods.


The Jack versus Ralph conflict is the main conflict of the novel, Ralph who represents order and democracy while Jack is the front man for savagery and anarchy. Ralph has the theory of being saved if they keep the fire burning, while Jack want to hunt and have fun. The conflict starts with the election of a leader, witch Ralph wins, leaving Jack bitter and angry at Ralph. After a while Jack gets more support and eventually he establishes a new tribe, making the rivalry complete. The two boys have different views on how a society should be run, democracy versus anarchy. Jack is also a lot more selfish than Ralph is, Ralph wants what’s best for everyone, on the contrary Jack want to lead, lead alone.


Piggy and Jack also has a conflict between themselves, Jack constantly mocking piggy, and even does damage to piggy physically. Piggy despite Jack and the feelings are mutual. But Piggy has something Jack want, the specs. Jack steals Piggy’s specs, and piggy wants them back. Piggy and Ralph is going to Castle Rock to get the specs back but in argument Piggy gets killed by Jack and his savages.


Good vs bad – Ralph and his tribe represent the good and democracy while the bad is represented by the savages, two fighting parts, fighting for domination over the island.


Piggy versus the boys – Piggy is constantly being mocked and picked on by the other boys, due to the fact that he is overweight, wears specs and has “asthma” or “ass-marr” as Ralph calls it.

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