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"Boy" by Roald Dahl

Bokanmeldelse av boka "Boy" av Roald Dahl.

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Roald Dahl has written a book called “Boy” about his childhood, but it is not a dull autobiography. A lot of funny episodes happened through Roald’s childhood, and we hear about them.


At first, Roald tells us about his parents. They were both Norwegian, but Roald’s father moved to South Wales when he was quite young, he was a shipbroker. So, Roald is born in Llandaff, South Wales in 1916. Roald’s sister dies from appendicitis, and soon their father dies. He goes down with pneumonia, and wants to follow his daughter to Heaven.


Roald’s mother is a courageous woman, and when her husband dies, she remains in Wales. She just moves to a smaller house. She seems to be very important to Roald, she always knows what to do, and she always supports him.


When Roald is six years old, he goes to a kindergarten called Elmtree House. Then, he goes to a preparatory school, Llandaff Cathedral School. During his years at this school, a few special things happen. The centre of Roald and his friends’ lives is a sweetshop. They buy sweets for the money they get, and Roald gives a vivid description of each sweet product. The woman working in the sweetshop is called Mrs Pratchett. Roald tells us that her clothes are dirty, and she is a hag. So, when the young boys find a dead mouse, they put it into one of the jars in the shop. Mrs Pratchett finds out that the boys have put it there, and the Headmaster at Llandaff Cathedral School, Mr Coombes, canes the boys.

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