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War have always been a part of our human generation on the earth. There have been war in lots of countries of the world, specially in Europe. First and the second world war is the most known in the world today since children's today learn about it at school.


War usually happen between different countries or nations. There are many reasons why war happen. Some wars is about religious reasons and some wars is about independence and freedom.


There have bean many wars in the world and still today there are wars in many countries, often in poor countries like Sudan, Angola, Ethiopia and Kongo who have suffered in over many years because of war between nations. Rwanda is a good example of wars between nations who have cost over one million human life's.


War make us people insecure and terrified. Its difficult to grow up in war because that makes you helpless since you really want to help, but you can't! In many war there are children who lose their parents and family. That is something which they will remember for rest of their life's. In poor countries orphan children have to make their one life. A life without parents, children often gets involved in dangerous things like drugs, assassination and they became criminals and victim for lots of others criminals and mafia.


Today there are many organizations who work and fight for freedom and human-rights. The United Nations, Amnesty international and The Red Cross is some of them. Peacekeeping is one of the ways in which the United Nations helps to maintain peace and security around the world. And Amnesty International is the largest human rights organization in the world. They fight to free prisoners of conscience. The activities of the organization range from public demonstrations to letter writing to political leaders all over the world.



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