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Deadly love

En liten historie om hva man er villig til å gjøre for kjærligheten.

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At the news:
A young boy where founded dead at elk ford school today. The boy was student at the school, and was last seen going from home. The boy’s mother says he told her he shod go and meet a friend. The Question everybody asks is, witch kind of friend was that? The boy was founded of some students at elf ford school today.


Darry was sad. The young boy they had founded dead, was her boyfriend. She knew he had some strange friends, but she had never asked him. Ore… she had tried one time, but he went angry an after that she did not ask more about it. She had a bad feeling about this. Was it her fault? If she had asked even more, maybe he had told her the truth, and then his cud be alive no, but no. he is dead, and whatever I do, I can’t bring him back to life again. But one thing was safe. She scud find out who killed him, and why.


She was sitting home now. When they told her he was dead, she gat at fit. All she cod do was to cry. She cried the whole day. Ore. Inside, she cried all the time. In sleep, at school, Always. She went to the police station, and told them what she knew.


They told her that they had some suspect. It was I gang, who had came from Canada, and down to Middle America. They were almost one hundred % safe that is was them. All they needed now was some evidence. But where should they start to search for evidence. They knew where they lived, but it was a to big risk to go to their home.


It was always many at home there, who protected the house. They had something to hide. The police just didn’t know what. She asked what the gang’s name was. “Its : wah” he sed. “And that seams?” “He he. What a H***”, he said.


At her way home, she walked pass the school. She went in at the school, to se the place her boyfriend was in his last minutes of his life. She sat down there, and started to cry. She cried and cried, and suddenly she saw something read in the bush. It was a ball wood. It was blood on it, and it were wrote W.A.H on it. She picked it up, and under it, it was a letter. On the letter it stood: here you can see how it goes when you don’t keep your promises.


At the same time, her mobile phone called. It was the police. They told her that they had founded a letter in the boy’s pocket, and it was written to her. She told them about what she had founded, and they decided to meet at the police station in 10 minutes. She gave them her evidence, ant she gat the letter.


Dear Darry.
You are amazing women. It is many peoples who want you, but I decided to keep it personal, to not scare you. When we decided to be boy, and girlfriends, I promised you I will protect you whit my life. No I have done that. I had one chose. I cud give you to them, and survive, ore I cud die. I cud not live whit out you, so I had two new chose. Who do I want do die. I know you loved me, and I love you, so I know it isn’t easy for you live no, but life must go on. Take care of yourself, and live a good life, and remember. I will always be her for you, thought you can’t se me.


Forever – you’re Andrew.

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