A night in Paris


Basehopping fra Eiffeltårnet i Paris.

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This was it. There was no going back now. All of a sudden I felt some doubt in my mind. Did I really want to do this? Well, I had to do it. I could not disappoint all the people that had turned up to watch. On top of the Eiffel Tower my eyes swept over the crowd beneath me. It was an endless mass of people waiting for me to jump. Luckily I had my parachute because this was definitely no suicide attempt. Although I had jumped off taller constructions than this it still felt quite high above ground level. Illuminated by the searchlights I stood on top of the impressive tower. Why did we have to do this at night?


Just four days ago I landed on the Charles De Gaulle airport in the outskirts of Paris. I was welcomed by a small committee of government people. I was taken on a car ride across Paris as I was told over and over again how lucky I was. They said I was the first person ever to jump off the Eiffel Tower. At least the first one to do it legally.


Now standing on top of the tower, the car ride seemed ages ago. Now it was on for real! My mind was somewhere else as my legs flexed. The view was amazing. I could see to the end of the world. Then I jumped. The instant I became airborne, something felt wrong. Had I packed my chute right? Had I given myself enough time to think over this? The flickering wind was howling in my ears as I thought about the happening a few days ago.


I was back at home. I and Melissa were eating at “Vinci’s”, one of the finer restaurants in town. This very day three years ago, we became a couple. My hand was sliding into my pocket in search for the little box. She was sitting right in front of me. It was perfect.

“Gotta go to the men’s room”, I said. She just gave me a smile.


As I returned I faked a tumble. Instantly Melissa was on her knees to help me. I took the box out of my pocket and opened it. “Melissa, will you marry me?” I said. Her hazel eyes were filled with joy as she bent down and kissed me tenderly. “Of course I will”, she whispered.


As I was racing towards the pavement below, recalling that memory made me smile. It was going way faster now. Should I open my chute, or should I wait a little longer? I opened it realizing it was too late. I felt a twitch as the chute opened. I was too near the ground to make a safe landing. Slower, but still too fast. Suddenly everything became pitch black. Where I was or how long I had been lying there I didn’t know. All I could feel was a burning pain in my chest. It felt like my inside was on fire. “Am I dead?” I asked the light in front of me.

“Not yet”, the light replied with a voice as sweet as summer rain.


Five days ago I woke up during the night. Next to me was Melissa, still asleep. I went through the things I had packed for my Paris trip. I felt a silk soft hand on my shoulder. Melissa was looking down at me. “Something’s not right. I don’t know if I have packed the chute right”, I said. “Of course you have, I helped you, remember?” she said.

With a smile we went back to bed.


The asphalt felt soft and welcoming, almost like a bed. I was looking into Melissa’s deep, mysterious hazel eyes now. I could see her so clearly. Her figure was like a Greek goddess, perfect. A chilling breeze was surrounding us. We were the only people in the world. Totally captivated in each other I rose from the soft pavement. I had never felt so alive.


In shock I woke up. I was home. Next to me was Melissa, still asleep. My packed things were on the table. What? I got up from bed. Looking over my things, I felt a silk soft hand on my shoulder. “Something’s not right. Have I packed my chute right?” I said. I already knew the answer…

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