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To be number One

En stil om hvor stor utfordringen er å tape.

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Hello, my name is Christer. I hate to lose and that is one of the biggest challenges in my life. Sometimes the challenges has a particular motive. You could be expected  to do something, that is a challenge for you.


In my opinion, challenges are there to make you stronger. None of us are able to go through our life, without challenges making us to a better person with new experiences and new knowledge. Challenges are our sources for personal development.


You will always meet them, the challenges. In times, you`ll meet them everyday, and you could also be expected to handle them all alone. In fact, it could be a hard enough decision, to realize that you can`t always show your strength in a brave way. After all, you`ll see how brave a person is, if it`s able to see that adversity makes you strong.


At the moment I got a big challenge. The challenge has been the same for years, but it not started before I got older. Then the longing started, the longing for being the best.


It `s hard and it`s tough, it`s probably a problem for me. Or maybe it`s not a problem, just one of the life challenges. I know that I got to work with it, and I know it will be hard, because by nature, I am a boy who wants to do everything completely perfect. That is impossible, it’s not even human...


You shouldn’t manage everything. But I`ve always been like that. Since kindergarten. When we play football games, like "Proffeloff" and "Rulle". I tried to do it best, and when I`ve decided that I wanted to be number one, I usually became number one.


But I do never feel comfortable about my own work. Nothing seems to be good enough, even though it is. My problem, is that the expectations doesn`t come from my parents, my teachers or my friends, they come from me! I make my own demands, which sometimes is too hard to reach. If I don`t reach my goals, I become angry, sad and not least disappointed.


The worst of it, is the dissapointment. Perhaps this seems like a trifle, but it`s not. In fact, this challenge makes me tired. I`m better now, than before, but the instinct of competition is still there. My dad says: “Its good you are an athlete, so you could ran out your big hunger og being the best.”.


I have played on two great teams in football and handball. Now, when I have laid my career as a football and handball player behind, I do have more time. I can play playstation2, and do things I really want to do. I`m still playing football and handball. But I don`t play seriously longer, and I don`t play at the same, high level anymore. Now, I`m playing with my friends. In fact, I feel more pleasure with the playing now, when I don`t need to training at small details.


I`ve been playing at a high level, since I`ve started, at the age of 6. Now, 10 years later, I finally feel the pleasure with what I`ve done these 10 years.


I want to make it clear, that I`ve started to work with my challenge, and I feel that I`ve been failing at that point for some years now, and that the time has come to make my life. I want to become the person I`ve always wanted to be, because that is the biggest challenge of them all...I need to live my life, and be comfortable about myself. I want to make sure that I`m still the same boy, but I got other, more healthy expectations.


I want to accept that being number two, could be my biggest challenge.

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