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Angela's Ashes

Filmanmeldelse av "Angela's Ashes".

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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In English class last week, we saw a film based on the autobiography of Frankie McCourt. It was called “ Angela`s Ashes”. The film was about an Irish family who struggled to get enough food on their table, and a solid roof over their heads:

After leaving the States behind as well as the grave of his only sister, Frankie and his family goes back to  Ireland in hope for a better life. Living in the cold and damp streets of Limerick, Frankie grows up as the eldest son of Angela and Malachy. Frankie learns fast the strict ways of  the Catholic beliefs, and often seeks solace and comfort in the Confessional booth.


Living in extreme poverty, life isn’t exactly smiling to the McCourt family. And with Malachy for a father, the money isn’t exactly growing on trees, as they say. Frankie`s unemployed and alcoholic father leaves during the Second world War, to find a job in England, yet  the money seldom arrives at their doorstep.


Frankie now starts dreaming of getting back to America, the land where the Statue of Liberty stands tall, and the notorious Yankees live. Leaving his family to live with his relatives, he starts working  as a post-office delivery boy to earn enough money for his journey. He is becoming a young lad, and experiences the world of the adults, during his time apart from his family.


Having enough money, he leaves for America, with the memories of his mom and dad and his brothers (specially Malachy) still in tact. And of course the young girl he so deeply fell in love with, and so reluctantly had give away again for the angles in heaven.


The setting takes place in Limerick, in the 1930s Ireland. A cold town where the rain often visited, and the sun seldom came.


Through the film you get to know the country Ireland, that took place in the mid 20th century. A country where the Catholic Church ruled, and the people were poor. A time where you took nothing for granted, and surviving was the top priority. 


As you watch the film, you slowly build your own opinion on what the theme in this remarkable story is. And for Frankie and his family it is survival. Surviving in a time when death could easily be knocking at your door, and seldom turn on your doorstep.


I think the film “ Angela`s Ashes”  is a great movie. The film is based on a true story, and that makes it even greater. I only wished I took my teachers advise, and read the book when he first showed it to me. I like a good movie, but I love great books.

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