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"Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" by J. K. Rowling

Engelsk bokanmeldelse av "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" av JK Rowling.

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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Written by J.K Rowling and released summer of 2005. This is the 6th Harry Potter book so far. The book starts off with Harry sitting in his room in the house of his Uncle and Aunt. He hates this place, he longs to go to Hogwart’s, the magical school he attends to when not on vacation. He’s waiting for someone, Headmaster Dumbledore to meet him. Harry doesn’t really trust that the Headmaster will show up so he hasn’t even packed his bags properly yet.


The start actually says a good deal about how Harry feels he’s been treated throughout the years. A bit neglected, ignored maybe. In the wizarding world Harry is only known as the boy that survived an attack from the Dark Lord, Voldemort. Ever since he survived the spell that should have been fatal, The Dark Lord has been wanting to get to Harry and show the world who is more powerful. In this book Harry goes to school after a two weeks stay at his best friend Ron. Where he also meets up with Hermione, a particularly smart young witch with skills beyond her age.

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