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Donald Trump

Oppgave om den amerikanske milliardæren Donald Trump, som i hvert fall i Norge nok er mest kjent for tv-serien "The Apprentice".

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Introduction and biography

Personal style (personality and talent!)

Accomplishments and fame

Trivia and woman magnetism

Bankruptcy and Donald’s politics

The Apprentice

The Norwegian version of the “The Apprentice”

Donald top 10 books

Criticism and conclusion




Internet web sites:



Think like a Billionaire

The Way to the Top



Donald trump is one of the most recognizable richest men in the world. He is a billionaire real estate developer and a business executive of Trump Organization of the USA.


How did he become so famous?

Trump is a real estate developer. He gathered his fortune through real estate developing and owning the Trump Towers and Taj Mahal. Trump hosted a reality television show titled “The Apprentice” and the catchphrase was “you are fired”. More over, he is the Executive Producer of Miss USA, Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA.


Donald once said that:

To be successful depends on your genes and on being able to withstand pressure.



Trump’s birth name is Donald John Trump. He was born June 14, 1946 in New York. Trump completed his education at a military academy. Moreover, he studied finance at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. In Donald’s book, The Art of the Deal, he discusses his undergraduate career:


After I graduated from the New York Military Academy in 1964 I flirted briefly with the idea of attending film school...But in the end I decided real estate was a much better business. I began by attending Fordham University...but after two years, I decided that as long as I had to be in college, I might as well test myself against the best. I applied to the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania and I got in. I was also very glad to get finished. I immediately moved back home and went to work full-time with my father.


Donald Trump assisted his father, Fred Trump, in his business when he was still young. He learned about every aspect of the construction industry from his father. Trump worked with his father for five years and he was extremely successful in making deals. Trump moved into the Manhattan real estate after gaining the necessary business skills from his father. Donald Trump acquired lots of properties like trump Casino, Trump international Hotel, trump Marina Hotel and casino, Trump Taj Mahal casino Resort and Trump Tower. All Trump properties have the Trump name in their titles. Trump often appears in television programs and Magazines. He hosted “The Apprentice” TV show and starred in his own reality TV show in 2004. The Apprentice is watched by millions of viewers weekly.


Personal style


Trump is a billionaire and he looks like a billionaire. He is not afraid to pay a mini – fortune on a suit to look good. Trump has a way of expressing his self-confidence and has become a great brand name. Every day, Donald Trump lives the American Dream.


Personality and talent

Donald Trump developed a celebrity personality through his business dealings. Donald Trump has a good heart and he contributes to charities regularly. The best story that shows his good heart is when once Donald’s limo stalled on the highway and an unemployed auto mechanic helped him get his limo functioning again. The mechanic did not accept any payment for his services although he had no money. The mechanic’s generosity impressed Trump much, therefore Trump sent flowers to the mechanic’s wife with a letter certifying that the mechanic’s mortgage had been paid off in full.


Donald Trump is a highly creative problem solver. He likes thrill, excitement and risk. He is an intelligent man and his great talent as a businessman is in turning the bad real estate properties into gold mines and that’s what made him rich. Trump is the highest achiever in the world. He makes sure that his name is on his property and he licensed his name to a Seoul building for $5 million.


Accomplishments and fame

Donald Trump completed his education at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Trump is known to 98% of Americans according to the Gallup Organization. He is famous because of his reality series “The Apprentice” on NBC. Trump once owned a $100 million yacht that belonged to Saudi financier. Donald trump owns buildings like Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza and Plaza Hotel. Moreover he is the Executive Producer of three beauty competitions consisting of Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. He is also the author of 4 best selling business books and he is the poster man for Life styles of the Rich& Famous.



Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was a multi millionaire developer. Fred Trump died 1999.


Donald Trump’s spouses:

Ivana Trump (divorced) 1977-1992

Marla Maples (divorced) 1993-1999

Melania Knauss (present) 2005


Trump has three children with Ivana Trump,

Son Donald Jr born 1977

Daughter Ivanka born 1981(model)

Son Eric born 1984


Trump has one child with Marla Maples,

Daughter Tiffany Ariana born 1993.


Melania Knauss is expecting her first child with Donald Trump.


Woman magnetism




Donald Trump’s trademark is his comb-over hairstyle. Some of his ex-girlfriends have gone public regarding his hair loss paranoia.



In spite of that he never has a lack of beautiful women around him. Trump loves dating models and now he is married to one.



Donald Trump’s empire crumbled in 1990. He had massive bank loans that he could not pay. Trump was forced into bankruptcy because his companies carried $8.8 billion in losses. By the end of the 1990s he made some clever business moves and regained his fortune. Trump shared his story in his book “The Art of the Comeback”.


Donald Trump’s politics

Donald Trump supports Social Security, privatization, gay rights and tax cuts like what president Bush implemented.


Running for President

In 1999 Trump announced that he was considering running for President as a Reform Party candidate in 2000. In his book “The Art of he Comeback” Trump revealed that he wouldn’t have made a good President for two reasons:

1- His germ phobia (he doesn’t like shaking hands)

2- His romantic record (he divorced twice).


The Apprentice




The Apprentice is a reality television show originated in the United States on NBC and hosted by Donald Trump. This reality show is a sixteen-week job interview for eighteen Americans, who compete in order to show the boss (Donald Trump) that they are the best candidates for jobs in his companies.



Each season begins with a group of contestants placed into teams. Each week the teams have a task and they select a project manager for the task. In each episode, the losing team is sent to the Boardroom. Moreover the losing team should eliminate one of their members to be sent home, while the winning team receives a reward. In the end two candidates will be left to prove themselves to the target. One of the two candidates will be the apprentice and will get a job in one of Donald Trump’s companies with a one-year contract.


The Norwegian version of “The Apprentice”

The Norwegian version of “the Apprentice” is produced for TVNORGE network in Norway. Inger Ellen Nicolaisen hosted the first season of the Norwegian version of “The Apprentice”. The show was titled “Kandidten” that means (The Candidate) and the catchphrase was “Du har sparken” and that means (you are fired).




Donald Trump’s top 10 books for Entrepreneurs:

1- The Apprentice – The complete First Season

2- Think like a Billionaire

3- How to Get Rich

4- The Art of the Deal

5- The Entrepreneur’s Success codes

6- Play to win in Business and in Life

7- The Wealth Builder’s Blueprint

8- How to Build a Fortune

9- Three Master Secrets of Real Estate Success

10- The way to the Top



In several newspapers, Donald trump has been criticized for investing millions of dollars into promoting the Trump name and marks. Moreover, he has been criticized for launching an attack on Martha Stewart over her TV show” The Sister”. The challenges in Donald Trump’s show “The Apprentice” amounted to nothing more than commercials and product placements. Trump has been criticized for supporting the gay rights and the abortion.



In my assignment, I have written about the entrepreneurial personality of Donald Trump. Moreover, I have written about his talent in turning bad properties into gold mines. Trump gathered his fortune through his real estate development and gained his fame through his reality TV show” The Apprentice”. A lot of people think that Trump was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. In my point of view, Trump’s father had helped him in learning different construction industry aspects, but it is trump’s efforts, talent and his business accomplishments to be thanked for what he became.

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