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Charlie and the Cocolate Factory

Sammendrag av film/bok og hovedpersoner, samt en kort anbefaling.

Skrevet i 10. klasse.

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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Charlie Bucket is a poor boy who loves chocolate. Mr. Willy Wonka who makes the best chocolate in the whole world, rus his factory at the same place where Charle lives. The strange thing about the factory is that there is no life there. It used to be people who worked there, but he fired them all. So how can you make the best chocolate in the world when you don't have any workers? That is a question that everyone in the whole world wants an answer to.


Suddenly, Mr. Willy Wonka, sends out a press release; "In five of my Wonka-bars the is Golden tickets. If you find one, I will take you on your biggest experience of your life". This is Charlie's biggest drem, but he knows that it's impossible for him to get a hold of one of the Golden tickets because he doesn't have the money to buy a Wonka-bar. Augustus Gloop finds the first Golden ticket, Veruca Salt the second, Violet Beauregarde the third and Mike Teavee the forth. Now there is only one Golden ticket left.


Charlie are on his way home from school when he finds some money. He knows that his family really need it, but he really wants the last Golden ticket, so he tries his luck. He buys a Wonka-bar. He opens the wrapper, and.....No Golden ticket. But Charlie doesn't give up that easily, so he tries again. He opens the wrapper.....Yes, a Golden ticket!


After all the Golden tickets are found, Mr. Willy Wonka's factory are up next. All the five kids with one adult each, goes in to the factory. The factory i huge! And around in the factory there are many "little people". They are called Oompa-loompas and are Mr. Willy Wonka's faithful workers. Mr. Willy Wonka are guideing them around in the factory. In one of the rooms there is a waterfall and a river of chocolate. And "the fat kid", Augustus Gloop, can't resist the temtation, so he falls out in the chocolate-river. To bad for him that a kind of suck-instrument that suck up chocolate, are working now. Now there are only four kids left on the tour in the factory.


The next stop in the factory are in a room where Mr. Willy Wonka are inventing things. One of the things he is inventing are a "gum-dinner". Forget about food, just use a gum that gives you a starter, main-course and a dessert. And ofcourse, the gum-lover, Violet Beauregarde, had to try it. Mr. Willy Wonka tries to stop her because he hasn't finished testing the gum to see if it works. The gum works, but it makes Violet blue. Her face, her body, her all. So she is sendt away to try to fix her new skin color back to normal. Now there are only three kids left.


Mr. Willy Wonka use nutts in some of his chocolate-bars. He likes the nutts whole, not cut in two. And to do the work with opening the nutts, he use squirrels. They spilt the shell open, and throws it away in a big hole. The second Veruca Salt sees these squirrels, she wants one. When her father offers Mr. Willy Wonka money for one squirrel, and he turns down the offer, Veruca Salt takes the case in her own hands. She goes down to just take a squirrel, but when she does that, all the squirrels trow themselves over her and throw her down in the big hole where all the shells are. Now there are only two left - Mike and Charlie.


Mr. Willy Wonka is a man with many dreams. One of his dreams is to be able to send chokolate through the TV, so if you want chocolate, you just order one and you will get it through the TV. And mike Teavee loves TV, so he really would like to try how it would be to be in one. Mr. Willy Wonka really tries to advise Mike against from trying it, but it doesn't work. Now Mike are inside the TV, and he really loves it. He has really small inside the TV, so when he comes out they are all shocked. He is very, very small. So to get him back to normal size, Mr. Willy Wonka sends him to a "stretcher". Now it's onle one kid left - Charlie Bucket.


Mr. Willy Wonka tells Charlie and Grandpa Joe why he wanted five kids to visit his factory. He tells them that he is getting old, and wants a kid to take over the factory when he dies. And since there is only Charlie Bucket left, he is the lucky winner. Charlie and his family moves into the factory, and what happends after that you have to make up your own opinion about.


Description of the main characters


Charlie Bucket: Charle Bucket is a little boy on (9?) years old. Charlie lives in a very poor family, that barely have enough money to food. Charlie loves chocolate more han anyone else. So when he gets the fifth Golden ticket he is very happy.


Mr. Willy Wonka: Mr. Willy Wonka is a very enegetic man. He makes chocolate - the best in the world. He makes his chocolate in a factory. The special thing about this factory is that no people have been there for years, and that Mr. Willy Wonka never leaves it. How can he then run the factory? He use something very special like Oompa-loompas. They are "little people" from the jungle.


Augustus Gloop: Augustus Gloop is a butchers-son form Germany. He is fat. He is the first kid to find one of the Golden tickets.


Veruca Salt: Veruca is a spoiled brat. She gets whatever she wants. Veruca wanted a Golden ticket, so her father bought tons of Wonka-bars. In one of those bars there were a Golden ticket. She got the second.


Violet Beauregarde: Violet Beauregarde loves gum. Her goal in life is to set the world record in chewing the same gum for a long time. Violet finds the third Golden ticket.


Mike Teavee: Mike Teavee is a little boy that loves TV and violence. He doesn't do anything more than watching violent-movies/programs on the TV. Mike finds the forth Golden ticket.


Granpa Joe: Granpa Joe is the grandfather to Charlie. Granpå Joe used to work for Mr. Willy Wonka, but one day he, with the rest of the workers, were fired. So when Charlie finds the fifth Golden ticket, grandpa Joe is the adult that goes into Mr. Willy Wonka's chocolate factory with him.


A Book/Film report

Charlie and the chocolate factory is a very godd childrens book and film - maybe the best in the world? I think so. It is a book/film with many clever and extraordinarily inventions and people. I higly recommend both the book and the film. I really feel that I don't have to make this report any longer because I think that you should see it, without me telling you what it is about and what i happening. It i best when you know nothing at all.

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