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"Boy" by Roald Dahl

Et bra sammendrag av Roald Dahls bok "Boy".

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”Boy” is about Roald Dahl’s young days. Memories he had from the time he was 6 too he was 20. Mostly from school but also from his trips to Norway in the summer and what he did right after school. Since the book consists of several short histories, I’m going to take one story from each school, and make a summary of them.


Llandalf Cathedral School, 1923-25 (age 7-9)

The Great Mouse Plot

Every day when Roald and his friends went to or from school, they walked past a sweetshop. They lived for the sweetshop. It was the centre of their lives, except for one terrible drawback… The woman who owned the sweetshop was a horror! Her name was Mrs. Pratchett. She never smiled and she never spoke, except when she said things like “I’m watchin’ you so keep yer thievin’ fingers off them chocolates!”


One day, Roald and his friends found a dead mouse under their secret, loose floorboard in the classroom. Roald suggested that they could slip the mouse into one of Mrs. Pratchett’s jars of sweets! They did that, and the next day when they walked to school, the sweetshop was closed! One of Roald’s friends, Thwaites, had a dad that was a doctor, and Thwaites told that when old people got really scared, they could get a heart attack! For a while, Roald thought he had killed Mrs. Pratchett, but that was not the case... When they came to school, the Headmaster got everyone to line up around the playground. Suddenly, Mrs. Pratchett showed up. She walked down the line of boys until she came to the place where Roald and his friend were standing. She picked out all five of the boys that were in on The Mouse Plot, and then it went right to the Headmaster’s study, where they got three slaps with the cane…

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