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You said you loved me

About love.. God, I hate love...

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You said you loved me, you lied.

Myself to sleep every night I cried.

They said you weren’t worth it.

They called you shit.

But for me you were everything.

For you my heart will always sing.

And every night from now till I die…

Will be a night where I cry.

My stomach hurts.

Because of your words.


You said you loved me, the biggest lie.

And because of you every night I cry.

I still remember what you used to say;

Let’s be together every day.

No other words ever seemed so untrue.

Still I believed them and thought of what we could do.

If you one of these days knock on my door.

And say; I will love you for ever and more.

I know I will, without a doubt, take you back.

Even though your words of truth will lack…


You said you loved me, I knew you lied.

And still every night my self to sleep I cried.

It’s so unfair that you can do this to me.

And I’ll still go on loving you, unable to see…

My love is not returned, it’s floating between us.

Once more my heart broke, like it always does.

You’re not the one that will fix it all.

You’re not the one that will catch me if I fall.

So here I lay covered in these tears I cry.

And I’m still loving you, even though your love was a lie.

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