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My day at the Willy Wonka's chocolate factory

En engelsk stil om Voilet Beauregard sin dag på Willy Wonkas sjokoladefabrikk.

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Dear diary;

One morning when I wake up, I saw a poster on the pose.

It said: Dear people out there, I, Willy Wonka, have decided to allow five children to visit my factory this year. In addication, one of these shall receive a special prize, beyond anything you could ever imagine. Five golden tickets have been hidden underneath the ordinary wrapping paper of five ordinary Wonka bars. The bars may be anywhere, in any shop, in any streets, in any town, in any country in the whole world.


Hey Diary. My name is Violet Beauregarde. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I have 263 trophies and medals. I’m an experienced young lady. I’m the junior world champion master in gum chewer. So it says that one kid going to get a special prize, better than all the rest. I don’t care those other kid’s are. That kid, it’s going to be me, because I’m a winner.



The 1st of February I and my mom stood outside the factory. Suddenly the gates open, and we went in. Then the gates close right back of our neck. Then Willy Wonka just stood beside us. He had a strange look. We went in to factory, or should I call it tower. Willy Wonka told us that we just could throw our coats anywhere. Than Willy Wonka open a small door. Inside the door it was a world of candy. Every drop of the river was hot, melted chocolate of the finest quality. The water fall was the most important thing it mixes the chocolate, churns it up. Make it light and frothy. By the way no other factory in the whole world mixes their chocolate by waterfall, dear diary. Than it came some pipes down from the ceiling.


They suck up the chocolate and carry it away all over the factory. The first I best out for winning the special prize was Augustus Gloop. He felt in the chocolate river. The pipes soak him up together whit the chocolate. It was really fun to watch, ha-ha.


But suddenly the Oompa-Lompas started singing, and the song was about Augustus Gloop. I asked Willy Wonka how they knew that Augustus where going to get stuck in the pipes. He said; “improvisation, dear.” The Oompa-Lompas is sir Wonkas employs.


Then a boat came to take us on a cruise down the chocolate river. On board was up to twenty Oompa-Lompas. Then we drove in to a tunnel. When we had past the tunnel we came to many doors. The boat stopped on the invention door. It was a door in to a room how was called invention room.


In the invention room there was a type of chewing gum. The chewing gum was a 3-course dinner all by it self. This gum was or is the most fabulous gum I ever have tasted. The flavour was tomato soup, roast beef whit baked potato and to desert blueberry pie.


Willy Wonka said that I shouldn’t try it yet, because it wasn’t done when you came to the blueberry pie. But I’m the world record holder in chewing gum. I’m not afraid of anything. It was amazing!


I could feel the tomato soup running down my trout; it was chancing-roast beef with baked potato, then blueberry pie with ice cream. Than, suddenly, something happened to my nose. It was turning blue. My whole body was turning blue and it was swelling up. I became a blueberry, a round big blueberry.


Willy Wonka sent me to the juicing room. The Oompa-Lompas was going to squeeze me. I had to get all the juice out of ma immediately. I spent 3 hours in the juicing room. Now I am blue, but flexible. I can go on my hands! It’s true!


This has been a terrible but lovely day.

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