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The Ice dragon

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She sat alone in her room. Just sitting there, like she was waiting for something to happen. Waiting for the candle she had in front of her to burn down. Waiting for the sky to fall down in her head so death would make things better in heaven. She was waiting to die. Life was not anything for her, and she knew that. That was why she got lost in the other world. That was why she was waiting. Waiting for The Ice dragon to get her.


All the words burn inside her like a flame that would not expire. Like someone was stabbing her with a knife, over and over, until she lost her breath and died. To bee different from other human beings was something she did not want, but something she could not change. To have a friend was something most people took for granted, but not she. Being alone was now a part of her, the thing that made her get lost in another world. Her long black hair was always in her eyes, and she was always looking down. When you got the chance to look in her ice blue eyes, you saw hope and fear and just a lost little girl, waiting to get away from all the bad things in the world. But most of all, you could see cold. Her soft skin was always cold as ice, and white as snow. Something about her scared other people, and pushed them away from her. Still, there was something about her that you could not resist.


Often, she cried her self to sleep at night. That was when the Ice dragon came. His big cold wings touched her softly on her cheek, and lifted up her little body. He treated her like she might fall to pieces any second, and like she was his own. All night long, they flew over the big cities, over the streets, pass all the badness in the world, and up in the sky. They flew to a land of snow, where human beings did not exist, and they were the only ones. Those were the only times she was happy. But in the morning, he flew her back with his beautiful cold wings, back to her bed, back to all the hurtful things she had to live through. This was how she imagined death. That one night, he would pick her up and never let her down again. They would just fly forever together, truly happy.


He was so beautiful. His big, strong body was shining blue and was so cold that you would get hurt if you touched him. She was the only creature that could. If something else tried, he would melt He was made of ice. The only thing about him that was mild was his eyes. The way he looked at her was without no despise, unlike any human did. The thing she loved the most about him besides their flying together, was just to sit still and watch him. Study him like he was as fascinating as a love story of his own.


She stared at the flame. So hot, but still so beautiful. She knew that it would kill the Ice dragon if he got near it. The light reflected the knife that lay beside it. All the bad things were eating her up inside, and her tears were almost taking out the flame. Then The Ice dragon came. He landed next to her. His mild eyes looked at her with so much love that she did not feel the bad words anymore. She threw herself around his cold neck, cried against his icy body and felt his wings touching her like she was porcelain. He lifted her up and together they flew up to the sky. She felt the wind hitting her face, but she did not mind. Up to heaven, down to the other world, back where they belonged in their own land of snow. Her tears were dried out, and her sorrows were gone for ever. She felt truly happy again. Happier than ever before. So happy that she almost could fly by herself. All because she knew that this time, the flame was burn down, and he would not put her down to all the hurtful things in the cruel world called earth. This time, it was for ever..

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