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A tune called “Do you hear me” was being played on the radio. John sat in his car while driving and sang along with the song, it was one of his favourite ones. John Cusak was driving a brand new Ford, and was tremendously proud of it; he had even nicknamed it “Nikkie” after his ex-girlfriend. Dusk had arrived, and the road got darker for each minute that went by. John was not in a hurry, but anxious to get home early, to surprise his fiancée. He closed his eyes for just a moment to enjoy the song, and then opened them again to face two fiery-red eyes staring hard at him in the middle of the road. Like any person would do he lost control of the car when he reacted, bumped into the creature and drove into the fence on the sidewalk.


Fortunately he didn’t get any serious injures but a small scratch on his forehead. He was more worried about the individual he had hit. Hasty he made his way to the middle of the road where he had hit it, and found a vast wolf lying there. With hard precision he searched all around the wolf, looking for a broken bone or a flesh wound, until he got to the leg. It was broken right off; the limb would never have a chance to mend. The wolf was unconscious, at least John thought so. The grey wolf opened one of his eye-lids painfully and narrowed his eye at John. Hatred stood clear in its eye. John sat down with a content sigh, and glanced at the wolf. Razor-sharp talons protruded from its paws, extensive jagged canines stuck out from its maw. It was indeed a gruesome creature of the night. Faster than the eye could respond, the wolf bit John on the torso, causing him to bleed. John cried out with a horrid bawl, instinctively clutching to the wound with his hand. Still stunned of what had happened he managed to drag himself to his car and drive home.

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