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The Biggest Fear

Et engelsk dikt som omhandler døden. Skrev dette i 9. klasse.

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The rain is falling on my soul.

My fellings make me like a ghoul.

These Walls keep cavin in.

And all I think, I can't do anythin'.


Like a fish against the flood.

My brain is shrimping, I taste blood.

I call Your name in despair,

but you're not here too hear.


Keeping all my thoughts away.

Being stressed, why can't you stay?

Felling a cold down my spine,

but soon everything will be just fine


Put the barrel too my head.

My feelings gone once I'll be dead.

Pull the trigger, meet the light,

as the day of life turns into night


Six feet under, rest in peace

on a graveyard spot for lease.

Did you wanted this?...

Would be ok with a little kiss


Trying to fill a space inside.

A piece of mind is undefined

Have you got a clue?

I know you miss it too.


To regret is always way too late.

Now I know you'll suffer the same fate.

I will see you in a week or two.

There is nothing I can do.


Everyones biggest fear, too lose a love,

but now it is too late too know.

Your twisted feelings deep inside

is not a place where you can hide.


But as you aura stops to glow,

I realize, fear is not too lose a love

The biggest fear is... You lose your breath.

The biggest fear, yes, it is death!

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