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"Artemis Fowl" by Eoin Colfer

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1) What can a title tell us?

I think the books title and front page is all right. The books title (Artemis Fowl) is good because it “highlights” the main character which prevents confusion. The front page on the other hand is not so good. (Although I do give it credit for the original idea of making the front page in to a diary, which is also relevant to the story) they have managed to do this in a tasteless way! Unless you have read a very good review of the book, you would probably not end up buying it! The front page is made in horrible “glitterish”, yet dull, brown colors, which in my opinion is not very attractive.


A final review of the books front page and title: if I could grade it like a high-school paper or drawing, I would grade it a 4. It contains all important factors but different colors and maybe some subtext would have given the book “the little extra”.


2) Beginnings

The book begins “in the middle of the story” and brings us right into the action. In the beginning of the book we hear Artemis and butler talking to an agent who is giving them information about the leprechaun world. They find an old, drunken leprechaun and as always, Artemis manages to get what he wants, when he wants it, his way. By tricking the confused leprechaun into a deal that contains good health and beauty for the poor, old drunk, Artemis gets a book; A book that contains all the secrets of the leprechaun world.


3) Characters

Artemis Fowl Junior - Is a twelve year old criminal mastermind who lives with his mother in a big castle in Britain. Artemis is the son of Angeline Fowl, and the former genius Artemis senior Fowl. Artemis is a genius and can solve any mystery and crack any code in the whole world.


Butler – Butler is Artemis Fowl’s bodyguard and best friend. In all generations, his family has worked to protect and help the Fowl family, and they are trained in Saudi-Arabia to be the best they can. While Artemis does all the “important” work, butler takes care of most facts, details and other obstacles on their way to happiness and money.


Holly – Captain Holly Short is a female police-officer working for the underground world (the leprechaun, elf, fairy-world) and Holly is the first female officer ever. Holly is a leprechaun- fairy, and she is little shorter than the leprechaun average (99cm), and has got hazelnut hair.


Root – Commander Julius Root is Holly’s boss and works for the Reconnaissance division of the LEP. Root rarely shows emotions, but he is a very kind person and would never make anyone do something he wouldn’t do himself.


4) Setting

Describing the setting in Artemis Fowl is very difficult seeing as it is a thick book. But to help describe the setting, Mr. Colfer has used metaphors which highlights and gives a stronger impression of the action. For example: “she rasped, her voice like nails on a school board”. This sentence is taken out from the beginning of the book where they are talking to the drunken healer. Instead of saying “she said” he manages to make a stronger impression and create a picture in your head that probably will stay there.


The action takes place in Artemis Fowls home in Ireland. This is where they bring Holly after they’ve kidnapped her, this is where the whole negotiation-part takes place, this is where they are when time stops, and this is where they are when time comes back.  


5) Narrative voice

Every single time a book is to be recorded, they carefully pick the narrator. This is very important to the story, and I think that choosing Caitlin Greer Colfer was a very smart decision. Seeing as the whole book is in one or many ways connected to Ireland, it makes the story seem more realistic. Artemis Fowl has got a third person narrator. This makes you watch and understand the whole book from an outside-perspective. I think that the whole third-person story-telling, reflects on Artemis. As we know; he does not like to show his feelings and emotions, and might seem like a very cold person. But reading (or listening


6) Turning point

As the plan is going just as planned for Artemis, things start getting out of control when Mulch Diggems shows up. Mulch is a dworth who has been in a Bulgarian prison for centuries, and is now back. Mulch steals all the gold, and tricks both the fairies and Artemis! This comes as a shock and Artemis feels for the first time that he is not in control. This whole happening turns the story upside down and comes as a bomb to both Artemis, Root and of course the readers.

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